Day 3: Wedding Anniversary​ in Seattle, Finish

I am back to work this Tuesday.

We returned home after driving from Seattle leaving about 11:00 and arriving in Beaverton about 2:30 Monday. I drove fast with traffic.

Remembering Seattle, I got up on Monday and headed out to the Pike Street Market about 8:15-ish and purchased various baked goods and another bagel. The gal, her name is lost to me, remember me and was happy to see me back. I promised to be back in a year or so and buy another bagel. “I will be here,” she said. Their bagels, she told me after I asked, are usually only available at restaurants and like–this is their only retail store. The bagels are fresh and soft. The salmon, for a lox bagel, is local too. Yes, I will come back.


I also met the friendly staff at the original Starbucks. Early morning Monday is a great time to talk to the team, and the line is short–thirty minutes later it was almost around the block. I had coffee from the French Bakery down the street which I apologized for. They went for a “live-and-let-live” approach to that. “As long as it is good,” one of the staff said. I purchased a shopping bag, another one, and a thermal cup. Both the shopping bag and the thermal cup celebrates the original store. My purchases of memorabilia made the team even more friendly towards me, and when I told them I was from Portland and was happy to come and see them, they just ignored the crowd, and we talked about coffee for a while. I saw them again later, and they waved to me–even with the line around the block. Coffee is liquid friendship here in the PNW!

There is a leftist bookstore, Left Bank Book Collective, and I had to walk in and find something. I found a fascinating read there: Thinking in an Emergency. I am only on page 15, but I am already thinking differently about emergencies and their effect on freedom. This book is from 2011 and followed just after 9/11.

Returning to our exit, the hotel was very friendly and got our bags–there were two more now–to the car. They also got the car out front and loaded it up and helped me with Susie as it is a steep hill, a most excellent hotel: Inn at the Market.


The drive was uneventful with the usual stops and starts. We managed to avoid rush hour in Seattle and Portland. Susie crashed, I did my laundry and unpacked and got ready for today. I had an all-day planning meeting at the shoe company.

It was a short trip, it left us wanting to come back again, and I have a few new things to remember Seattle.



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