Day 12: Friday 2 Phase 2 Re-Booting

Today is also the 89th day of working from home and lockdown. Work was 1/2 day of working from home, consisting of Zoom meetings, MS Team calls, and email. This continued into the evening even during drinks and appetizers and dessert at the Bargarden. I am watching for any more help needed this weekend.

I sent a letter about an email I received from the NRA today to the Attorney General of New York. It mentions her, and I thought she could use a copy of it. Yes, I am a member of the NRA, ignoring its politics, and like their magazine’s articles on guns.

A friend wanted to get some beer this afternoon, a boot of beer. This means the German styled place in Beaverton: Bargarden (spelled I guess for Americans and they serve booze too).


We had fondu with sausage and bread. I finished with apple strudel and coffee, Susie with a pretzel, and our friend with another smaller beer.

I have to admit we drove home, and a nap followed after taking care of a few items from work that came up while I was re-booting in the Bargarden.

The stock market went up mostly. The NASDAQ went down. I heard no explanation for the gyrations on Bloomberg. Monday may be exciting.

More than seven-hundred eighty people died from the virus today in the USA including two deaths in Oregon. I found this, Bach!, and thought it would work for tonight: Celtic Woman – Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (live).

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