Story 11Aug2022: 32nd Wedding Anniversary 

The morning started with me sleeping to 7ish and going slow. I made a simple breakfast of cereal with milk and 1.5 bananas (having some leftover banana from yesterday). I made Equal Exchange liberal-styled coffee that I make almost every morning since Trump was elected president. Just a reminder every morning that I am not with those guys, but always remembering Lincoln’s words (the first Republican president) “[w]ith malice towards none.” Lincoln’s assassin was there listening when those words were spoken, and Lincoln would die the next month. Brave words.

I decided to not do any housework or any minor repairs to the house today. I am more brittle after the chemotherapy and can easily overdo or even get hurt. So instead, I downloaded the Quicken items and updated and validated my information. I now keep records of where every dollar is going and coming from. The air and sky were clear–the smoke so far is staying away.

(This is Friday morning’s report. The air is bad in Bend and southern Oregon. We are at the blue dot near the upper edge to the left).

I wrote the blog and thought I sent it out by email. I had forgotten to read the URL I put in the email and instead sent out a video from Rocky Horror Picture Show, it was its anniversary too, and I had put the video in a Facebook post and accidentally sent that out instead of a link to the blog. Oops. I sent out a correction once Ernest sent a note to me.

Aside: Dr. Ernest leads the Hillsboro Python Machine Learning Meetup and is looking for a new sponsor that does not require Vax checks (we can’t promise the folks that just show up are vax’d). I am checking if I can use the church or possibly the Mason Lodge and cover the first couple of meetings. It was a great group before Covid-19 ended all of our meetings.

I made hot dogs for lunch with sides from the frig. I then headed to Safeway and the Party story. I had looked on the web and the site I found said the color for the 32nd wedding anniversary is lapis lazuli. So I found dark bluish-colored plates and napkins and bought lots of smallish Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (liberal and delicious ice cream) and locally made Neapolitan ice cream for Susie. I bought some red roses for Susie and a bunch for the hummingbird house.

I also put the wedding album in the car, so we could remember that day better. Air Volvo arrived without any events, and I carried my bounty into the hummingbird house. Jennifer, the nurse aide for today, helped arrange the flowers and the ice cream.

Susie and I were being pelted with bird seed.

And here is the whole wedding party.

Susie and I looked through the album while Jennifer offered some of the other residents ice cream and got the container open. I bought an ice cream scoop for the house; it worked very well.

After we had some ice cream with plenty left for Jennifer’s daughter (non-dairy Ben and Jerry’s) and anyone else, we headed out to the park. We found an empty and, more importantly, a dry bench in the park for me, and then we called Susan’s mother, Leta, to chat about the wedding back 32 years ago and normal things. Next, we tried for Linda Wild, but she was having her computer fixed at work by IT–no time for a call. I felt for her. We did reach Susie’s sister, Barbara, and they chatted for a while. We did talk about maybe doing a 30th and 35th combined wedding anniversary in three years. After Barb wrang off, we walked-rolled through the park.

I took Susie around the streets and back to the hummingbird house, making about 1/2 mile circle through Metzger Park. We sat and enjoyed the shade on the porch, and Susie started to get sleepy; she is only a week out of Covid-19, so she still tires easily. I headed out with a kiss, took the album with me, and boarded Air Volvo.

I spent the rest of the day writing and not doing any housework. I did read more of The Second World War and really enjoyed the narrative. I finished the Fall of France and the Battle for Britain. If you want that high-level view of the war, I have not read anything better. Recommended.

I got out some of my electronics as I wanted to build a light for Richard to go in a structure for a game. I found the Python M0 device and my Neo-Pixies strips (evil scientist laugh goes here).

I am still writing my next Dungeons and Dragons 5E adventure. I have 5,000 words and just getting started.

I decided to stop writing and reading and watch, again, the last Matrix movie. I bought a copy for my Mac and watched the start, but got tired and stopped, did the dishes, and went to bed early.

I did wake early, very early, on Friday morning. Maybe I should stay up later!

Thanks for reading!

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