Welcome to my site! Founded in 2018. I try to write about my experiences each day. With new fonts.


(Istanbul underground 2013)

This is my blog site. The daily blog goes back to 2019 and our trip to Europe. We were just back, and the pandemic started. I started writing about my experiences and have not stopped.

I did not expect this to be years of writing and had you told me I would write nearly every day for four years, I would have told you that was unlikely. But, here we are, years into writing, and the tools get better (mostly). Grammarly keeps my commas and my tenses right. WordPress manages the editor and the blog postings. Both tools have driven me to distraction when certain features have been revised, but both tech support teams have been great, and while in neither case did I get something put back–I have learned to work in an ever-changing (and often improving) set of tools. 

My purpose is to remember every day as unique and as important. I find that I can recall, after a quick review of the blog from that day, the detailed events of the day. How did I feel about the pandemic when it started. I can find that. How about the strange windstorm? Yes, it is in the blog. Now, as a cancer survivor, the days are important to me. Some day they will stop, but not today. One more sunset!

Please enjoy the writing, and thank you for reading. 

Be well!