Spring Break 2019 Day 0: Working and Games

We will try to use this for my story of my adventures for Spring Break 2019. I hope you don’t mind too much using a blog and not simple emails.

Scythe 22March2019

I am suffering from recently diagnosed diabetes and so have to be careful with carbohydrates. I made an error today. After work, I called Susie my wife, and she wanted Chinese food for dinner. I had been warned by friends at work that diabetics who are ethnic rice-eaters find it quite a challenge. But I did not even think about that, and I was in a rush as I had a game in Portland today, so I ate lots of fried rice and Sweat and Sour Pork (just a bit of sauce) and dived into the car and drove. My face flushed and my heart beat hard in my chest. But I was in a hurry and work had much to raise my blood pressure so I accept that as my normal ending for the week.

Then I made it on-time and even by ten minutes to Richard’s house–having left ten minutes later than I should. While I was driving to Richard’s Richard sent me a text that the game moved to “Dave’s.” I had only one address that I have played at before, so I drove there. I received a text of an address that was just minutes away from Richard’s house. I had driven three and a half miles, taking ten minutes in Portland with all the lights, and so headed back. Finally, twenty minutes late, I got to Dave’s and was given Poland to play in Scythe.

Scythe is recently created boardgame (via Kickstarter) that I have learned to love. It simulates a time in Europe that is after the War and includes a story that Tesla invented a new super power-supply that allows for a steam-punk like a universe in Europe. It is a multi-player game and includes many familiar elements of Risk, Monopoly, Axis and Allies, and Euro gaming. It is also visually stunning and allows me to paint a few cool figures. We are beginning a special Fenris campaign version of Scythe in a few weeks. So the game Friday night is a warm-up game.

Scythe figures

Well after all the adventures of getting there, I played Poland (White) well enough. Most of the time I was trying to remember how my opponent Kalib plays–He totally crushed us many times as Poland. Before I left, I told Corwin, who lives with us at home, that I was hoping to lose better and score better than my last game of 37! Corwin said to me that the Vikings (Blue) would win. I told him they are one of the worst and he argues this with me from time to time.

For you Scythe experts, we are playing an alternative ending version–again, part of our practicing for the campaign game. Visiting the Factory (found in the center of the board) allows for extra capability (Tesla pumps you up for visiting his factory). In this version visiting the Factory grants a star and enables you to play an extra turn once the usual ending condition is tripped. I saw the crush for the Factory and so ignored it and collected other ways to win and ended the game only to discover my opponents got an extra play–I was not quite following the additional conditions. Well, the Vikings used their extra turn to cover all the lakes (each area controlled at the end of the game grants more points) and got enough to win. I had scored 62, and well the Vikings said something about seventy…

Here is more information on the game: Scythe on Board Game Geek

I left after the first game, turning down the second game, as I was dizzy and my face was flushed, and I was feeling like it was too warm–signs that my sugar levels were running wrong. I do not test my blood yet, but I have not had this for months (hoping to get diabetes under control with simple meds, diet, and exercise). Then I remembered the rice! Might of well had a bucket of sugar for dinner! So I will watch the rice! Later I recalled I had Indian for lunch, more rice! Oh my, how stupid of me. I think I had an exciting carbohydrate crash. Again, rice is now a treat and will be in small sane amounts.

At least I got in a game.

I drove home and took my meds and had a bit of cheese (NOT RICE) and no crackers with it. Lots of water. Better.

Played one more new game after finishing up the laundry for Susie.

Oh, that reminds me. I am using laundry balls. I know that I got a smile. Little wool balls that bounce in the dryer. It really helps. Dryer sheets are not needed (I used one every other load). My mother loves the set I sent her. You can get them here: Laundry balls from Amazon  Mine are different and actually shipped from England ( Imported Sheep styled balls ). This was before I thought that I should just get them from Amazon.

One of my balls is missing (bet that got a grin). They get stuck in a towel or a sheet, hum. Corwin heard me singing “My poor laundry ball rolled off…”. This one is black with a sheep face, so yes the black sheep of the laundry has wandered off.

After midnight we got to one of my newest games: Call for Adventure.

Call to Adventure

This is a straightforward game where you build a story of a great adventurer using cards. I was not that pleased with it, but I had only played it solo. I was in the initial Kickstarter (Kickstarter Call of Adventure) for the game and so have an early copy. I saw it for sale at Guardian Games, so it is now available to the public. Corwin agreed to try it before I decided to shelve it or give it away.

Corwin liked it. He also beat me by more than 2-to-1. We both agreed that the game lets you build an adventurer and the process of throwing runes (cool plastic runes that feel like bone) is interesting. We had to check some rules and make a couple of corrections that made the gameplay better. This rules flub might have been part of the reason for my poor experience playing solo. We wanted to do something with our newly minted adventurer, but the game just ends. Then you count the score–where is the adventure? This was a bit of a letdown after playing the game to build the adventurer. Also, the cards slide too much from the tucking process. Corwin said it was playable and enjoyable. We think the co-op version, where you must alone face a powerful adversary, might make that better as you have something to adventure too–we will try that.

I get most of my new games through Kickstarter, or I purchase one created on Kickstarter once it is released to the public and I have played it.

After that, it was past one in-the-morning, and despite not finding my lost black sheep ball, I went to bed and quickly fell to sleep. I rose about eight this morning beginning ten days of vacation. Except I have to do some work for Nike on Monday through Wednesday, but it is usually only a couple of hours here and there, and I have done this before. So Day 1 starts…more on that later.

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