Spring Break 2019 Day 1: Movie Party

So after finishing the blog I then started my day and got Susie, my wife, up and going. Today we were to see the new movie Captain Marvel, have lunch, and maybe play some game at Scott’s and Jess’ house. We have been doing this for years for these Marvel movies.

I will say that we got there on time and watched the movie. Captain Marvel is a surprisingly entertaining movie. Not wishing to do any spoilers I will stop there.

More information about the movie (no promises about spoilers on these websites–You have been warned!): Rotten Tomatoes Captain Marvel

Late lunch was a chicken salad, Scott frying the chicken in a pan right after the movie as we watched. Rolls were made from scratch and from Cooks’ Illustrated January-February 2019 issue recipe: Cooks (requires a subscription to get the recipe). Susie wants the recipe. I will look around; I think I have that month’s issue. I get the annual cookbook at the end of the year. I have the last four or five years. I like their recipes and reviews, but Milk Street is getting my attention now: Milk Street.

We then played one of the best new games I have acquired in the past year: Vindication. Find it here: Vindication

This game is about your hero trying to rebuild his/herself from a wretch to a true hero. It is quite a positive-themed game as you can imagine. No war. No complex tactics to defeat your opponents. Explore and improve by hiring fellow travelers and acquiring relics and learn valuable traits and fight monsters for glory. Do this by using your influence and releasing your potential and using your conviction to lock-in important resources (all represented by little blocks in your color on a board). I taught the game–only I had played it before. I am playing it in Gamestorm 21 (Gamestorm) and need a bit more practice teaching it. It took folks a bit to understand the mechanics, but once they got it they enjoyed it. It is a beautiful and colorful game.

I did not win. The game was close with a point variance of less than ten from first to the last place.

So a nice day for Day 1.



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