Day 0: Florida, cool Florida

Yes, we are off on our next adventure. We made it to the Airport and Susie got through security without falling or being treated as a threat to national security–don’t ask. I have lost about 25 pounds and my new smaller pants are beginning to need a belt and thus I managed to not put on a display by dropping my pants when they scanned me.


David, our wheel chairman, got Susie through the process. Actually, we blocked the line for about ten minutes. The guy before us was even a bit more challenged as he had a cat and he had to hold the cat through the process–yes a real cat scan–and then they discovered that the cat container was still being x-rayed and this nearly caused, yes you know it, a catastrophe. In the end, we all made it through without loss of security or dignity or cat!

We are now at the gate. The plane is totally full. Good that we got First Class as there are no upgrades.

So we should be in Sarasota about 9:30 Wednesday morning. Mini-Van awaits us there.

We board sooner than I expected and I am editing this now on the plane. We are safe and fed and resting a bit.

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