Day 2 1/2: A few more items

I did finally connect with Corwin last night and we went for another exploration of local resources. Corwin and I headed out into areas we had not been before. Looking at a map now this is an area called the western canals area. It includes a chess shop I use to visit and Anne Frank House. There we stopped at a more traditional Amsterdam coffee shop and Corwin acquire some of the local resources. My cough did not improve.

We then searched for more supplies, the process to consume is more complex than I understood. We then picked up some more supplies at various facilities adjoining various coffee shops where coffee is not the focus.

Finally, we found Cafe 420 and Corwin was fully supplied with needed items. I managed to land an excellent table. I was very happy and not from the intoxicants in the air which were manifest. Cafe 420 supplies high-quality wooden chess sets. I counted at least five sets I would not mind owning. Corwin was able to roll and consume his purchases at our corner table.

So before returning to my room and trying to sleep with jet-lag (sort of slept a few hours), I played chess in Cafe 420 in Amsterdam using a high-quality board supplied by Cafe 420. I won with Black, I did misstep and lost my rook for it, but I kept my queen with a bishop and slipped in a checkmate against white while Corwin was setting up a mate-in-one. He was one move from a win when I managed to walk my queen and bishop to checkmate.

Aside: I recently played, for me, a lot of chess on my chess computer, Lasker Chess Computer, and had tightened-up my play. Lasker, as I call my chess computer, is without pity–I have managed a stalemate once. I find that I have trouble with the long lines of bishops and fall prey to the dragons of The Sicilian Defence too often. It is a true pleasure to play Lasker if one is ready to be punished for small mistakes.

Not a bad ending to our first night.

Michael R Wild

Inntel Hotel, Room 2266, Amsterdam

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