Day 21: Another Sunday Socially Separated

Sorry, just a quiet Sunday. Maybe that is a good thing!

We hit now the end of three weeks of this process of trying to save lives by stopping contact with people and “flatting the curve.” There are some signs that it is working. Oregon appears to have been passed over from the terrible number of deaths, likely because of our lower population and quick acceptance of social distancing. We are so polite here, “of course we will do that.” And also drive slow in the fast lane and slow down for green lights because they do change. We do not pump our own gas. Maybe it is that we are just weird.

Most of us are proud of our governer sending 114 ventilators to New York where they are needed now.

I had some trouble sleeping last night, mostly too much caffeine and too much thinking about robot circuits. I was up about nine.

At 10:30 I joined the first church service as technical support for Zoom. Everything was fine.

I got Susie going while I had the last piece of Dominos pizza for lunch. We watched Pastor Jefferson’s sermon online and then Zoom for my regular church group at 2PM. I cut a palm branch from my palm tree to wave. It is Palm Sunday!

Returning to the robot work, I managed to get the GPS, LCD, and lights all working at the same time.

I took Susie for a walk down the street twice, and we drove over to the Golden Vallery Brewery and picked up some of their good beer. We practiced social distancing and both Susie and I have on masks. I have only paper ones.

Corwin started dinner while we were wandering. Beef stew.

So a slow day with lots of robot stuff. I am currently not able to manage a servo controller that works by itself but crashes everything when combine. I think I can route it to its own communication port and isolate it. This should make it work. Something for later.

It was sunny and warm. We turned off the heat and opened the doors for a while.

Reports show more than one-thousand one-hundred Americans passed from the virus today, Palm Sunday 2020.

So I think we will go with this: Sunset Sunrise.




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