Day 23: Tuesday with Hives

Not that I had some challenges at work, but I did break out in hives and had to stop and take some meds and rest for a bit. I then went back on-line and tried to work the issues out. I will say that someone should not put me on their review feedback list. I suspect they won’t.

Today contained many meetings, all video conferences. I did slip out and get a walk between meetings. About 1/3 of the folks I saw were wearing masks now. I wore mine.

I saw while walking that Reedville Presbyterian was giving out food baskets today. Folks were picking them up or carrying them down the street. At least two big bags of items per group.

One of my favorite jays was in a tree and waited for its picture to be taken. It is metallic-like blue with a blackish colored head: Steller’s Jay.


We also have an owl in the window for the kids to spot. There is a new game for children who have to walk but not go to the now-closed parks. They try to count animals in the windows. We have gone with an owl.


Lunch was Happy Panda delivered. Supporting our locals. Happy Panda still requires you to pay with a credit card at the door. I hand the card over to the driver, and he puts in his own tip, 20%, and then signs for me.

I was trying to work multiple items, and it was all going to pieces on the systems. Not a good day. Then hives and Benadryl that put me out.

I managed to get going again this evening at about six-thirty and work to fix some of the broken at work. It is still a mess. I am still miserable. I worked passed nine in-the-evening.

Dinner was a rush job done while working online. Susie was up so late she did not get anything for breakfast or lunch, so I got her peanut-butter toast. I threw together rigatoni and sauce from a jar and frozen Italian style meatballs–baked in the oven. We got dinner, and Susie was happy. Corwin was up very late and was pleased to see dinner done.

And rigatoni makes me always think of this song: Rigoletto La Dona e mobile.

I discovered that my old oven mitt is wearing thin. Yes, that glass dish was hot coming out of the oven! Just a bit of memory in my hand still from the glass wear.

As I was upset and rushed, I think I ate three bowls of dinner. Too much. Yes, I eat when stressed. I usually manage to drink water instead.

The stock market was mostly unchanged. The discussions are that the markets should crash more. The experts on Bloomberg believe earnings will be weak next quarter. That got a raised eye-brow from me as I heard it on Bloomberg. I have my Apple playing the news while I work. I turn off the volume for video conferences. More reports of broad debt offerings that were sold and most oversold. The bond investors are happy to buy it with the American taxpayer now backing the debt. Imagine me with an eye-roll.

So terrible day for me, but not nearly as bad as other folks. It was reported that more than one thousand nine-hundred people died from the virus in the USA. It was hard to find a hymn, but this one works for hope for a better day: Morning Broken.




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