Day 33: Friday 4 Phase 1: First day off for Holiday

Today I had a rough start even without my usual early start for Nike working at home. I had an asthma attack at about 4AM. I had to get up and take my emergency inhalent. I forgot and breathed in deeply and held it in–mistake. I fell to my knees on purpose as I started to lose consciousness, but remember to quickly exhale. I did not want to crash into the hard floor and kitchen counters.

My cardiac doctor told me never to just breathe in but to breathe normally when taking my emergency inhalent. That was after I passed out a few years ago and got to enjoy multiple visits and near-endless tests to declare I am fine and stupid. Today I remembered I was doing it wrong as the world started tipping over.

Why stop there. I managed to have crushing leg cramps an hour later. Likely caused by previous events. I did not look into the sky and say, “Frogs next?” I managed to sleep once the pain and the ability to breathe all normalized.

I started up the laundry and then relaxed for a bit. It was a rough start, and I was not ready to really start anything complex. I made Mexican Fair Trade coffee. Nothing like the taste of border-crossing liberal Mexican coffee in the morning.

I worked on my science fiction writing and continued my Howard’s Lockdown story.

I did a bit of touch-up work on the Titanic model. I will be working on the smoke stacks and the lower decks on Saturday.

I then left for The Rock for pizza and a beer. They were not busy, but had very serious adherence to safety–I like that. I had not been back since the lockdown. I had to scan the barcode block to get to the menu. I ordered a house salad, pizza, and a red ale. The other bartender asked me where my newspaper was and my wife. I was writing on my Apple today and Susie was sleeping in I told him. It is funny to be remembered, he knew even my name. I used to bring in the New York Times.

I did notice that the staff chatted and ignored social distancing, and some times removed masks, but they took my safety very seriously.

I popped home bringing most of a large pizza back with me. I order a large pizza and have it for a day or so. Susie was up and had some pizza.

I went back to my normal chores. Dishes are done, laundry is in progress, and dinner was cheese, summer sausage (locally made), other meats (also locally made), and crackers. The pizza was late for lunch, so a lighter dinner.

I took Susie out on the street, and we saw the neighbors lighting mostly illegal fireworks. It is a tradition. We were the only ones with masks, and I kept Susie and myself more than six feet away from everyone. We are invited to the more explosive July 4th party with food. I told them we will come but will have to keep distances as we need to protect Susie and myself. They are happy to have us on Saturday.

So a hard start and a nice ending.

Despite reports that the death rate is lowering in the USA, more than six hundred Americans lost their fight with the virus. This witnessed by the health care workers.

I decided a Psalm was needed as we enter a weekend that will likely be full of anger: Psalm 23.



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