Day 133: Saturday Free RPG Day

Today was a bit of a busy start. I headed to Rainy-Day Games to get the free swag for the Free Role Playing Game (RPG) Day. They open at 10 in the morning, so I was there at 9:35 and was third in line. I discovered it was not only Free RPG Day but also Warhammer 2000 was releasing a new set today. I saw a version of them being painted yesterday at Guardian games. The staff there was painting why checking in people at the store. That is my kind of store! I still do not play Warhammer 2000. The buy-in cost and time are too much, but it looks so nice…


(waiting at Rainy-Day Games here in Aloha)

I started up about 8ish and got going with food and then shower and all of that.

I went and waited and then we went in. Only eight people are allowed in the store at a time, with masks, and socially distant no matter how cheap that used RPG stuff is. I picked up two free items and purchased a rule book for Vampire: The Requiem that I do not have. I have never played, nor am I interested in a story-telling game about living in a depressing world of evil, but for $5, I can read about and see if I am missing out. I have read a bit and Vampire: The Requiem is well written and very dark. This book is the original source material from 2004 and is not enough to play the game. The new second edition has a single book now. For $5, I can see what this is about.

I also picked up Root the RPG. A small booklet on how to use all my Root board game with its various extensions and play it as an RPG. I was happy to get this as that was the whole reason for making Free RPG Day today. It is another option for Root.


I also picked up a free adventure for Starfinders, Skitter Home. Imagine if you take Pathfinders, a reworking of Dungeons and Dragon of the super buffing and overpowering 3.5 version, and turn it into a space game. That is what Starfinders is. I hope to get a chance to play some time at the next convention. Corwin and Cory, both in our gaming group, love Starfinder.


I then left the store, and by 10:03 had my new books and happy. I returned home.

At 11:00AM, I was on a Zoom meeting for the Meet-up with Garret. The Knowledge Mavins have been meeting and using Zoom before it was widely known. Today’s meeting was on Machine Learning and some easy Python coding. Darren did a great job: Recorded Here. Garret has been hosting all sorts of exciting stuff over the last couple of years. I try to show when I can.

Mariah and I had lunch plans. Susie, unknown to me, fell this morning and got herself off the floor. Her wrist is bruised. I popped off for Buffalo Wild Wings, not knowing about this.

The wings place has masks, cleaned tables, and distancing done right, so I am comfortable having lunch there. We always pick outside as few go on the deck, so we are a bit safer.

I then drove to Rune and Board the Hillsboro game store. I met the owner and learned RPG stuff where 20% discounted. He pointed me to his new favorite, Blades in the Dark, and Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC). The rule book for DCC is two inches thick! He found me the free Quick Start version. I did buy Blades in the Dark as I liked the theme (assassins) and comes from Evil Hat Productions–their stuff has always been excellent. I also have Level 1 magazine, which is full of little Indie RPG games. More on that later day.

So vampires, assassins, space adventures, Root RPG, and DCC is a lot of loot. It was a good day!

I returned home–I was singing along with the Phantom of the Opera in Air Volvo thinking it fit with most of my new materials–and Corwin’s partner Evan was here. The metal grinder was delivered today, you can get tools from Amazon–almost anything–, so Evan and Corwin made some progress in the blacksmithing lab that was once my backyard deck.

I made pastitsio tonight. We finally had ground lamb delivered. So it was time to finally go Greek! I had to shop in Safeway to get a few more items and paper towels that we were out. I know the folks there, and they were happy to see me.

I did all the cooking once I had everything. I made a salad and bought some good bread. Dinner was good and all, yes all, of the pastitsio is gone. The kitchen now looks like a cooking war zone. 

Susie is OK and rode her bike.

Not a bad day.

Reports show more than nine-hundred Americans died today from the virus.

I went with the Rock of Ages for tonight to remember all we have lost.


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