Day 158: Thursday Tired

We have reached 158 days of lockdown.

I slept poorly and did not get much sleep. So today’s report will be short.

I tried to start at 6ish this morning, but after checking went back and rested until 7ish.

Today Nike was for me mostly supplying information and doing process; not very many crises of the moment today. I wrote instructions on how to load software reading all of the instructions, adjusting them to our setting, and then reading all the additional fixes and revising the instructions to match. The morning blew by fast.

Lunch was Burger King Whopper with Cheese, and I picked up a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal for Susie, her fav, and double bacon something for Corwin also at Burger King.

I did manage to finish one of the factions for Scythe today. It only required me to clean up the bases so even tired I could finish them up. I did that while eating lunch.

I continued to answer questions in the afternoon and then went to rest a bit as I was so fatigued. I had to help a few times, but I did rest a lot and read a lot this afternoon.

Moving to a discussion on books, V.E. Schwab is my new reading material, The Shades of Magic series. I was reading some books before by John Pearce, “Last Stop: Paris,” and thought it entertaining, but I found the main characters were not my cup-of-tea. I moved to John Pearce as there is only one unread Maisie Dobbs left for me (I have read all fourteen during the lockdown), and I want to hold on the dream that there is one more story left–There is another one in the works, so there is hope. I did read the last Andrea Camilleri murder mystery, the author passed away, after delaying for six months as I could not face that Inspector Montalbano would have no more new stories. I finally read “Overnight Kidnapper,” and it was another perfect Inspector Montalbano story. Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano mysteries are highly recommended. Beware, they do not have all have happy endings, and he covers some painful subjects. Maisie Dobbs is always recommended!

Aside: I can’t make underline work. I know book titles are supposed to be underlined.

I almost took the day off, but I have to help get specific tasks and upgrades done. It was a tough start today and hard to keep going.

I took a short nap in the late afternoon. I then decided to make dinner. I was going to order out, but the house is overflowing with food. I made scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese (Susie’s favorite), bacon (frozen cooked bacon is a marvelous thing–I just toss it in a pan and then bake it for ten mins), and toast with jam (sugar-free jam for me). “Foyle’s War” from BBC is what I watch while cooking and cleaning. I enjoy the mix of WW2 and regular polite British murder mystery. 

I did start on the last mechs for Scythe, Scotts, in green.

I cannot believe the rains are back. We missed the downpours. Almost six weeks without any heavy rains. Welcome back, rain!

One thousand ninety people are reported to have died from the virus today in the USA.

I found this one that I think I have sung before, What Gift Can We Bring. Methodist Hymnal #87.


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