Day 186: Thursday with Sky

Today we had rain, and we can see the sky. The air quality numbers are under 200.

I started work at 6ish again and had my first meeting at 7AM. I had some 30 mins sections of today booked four deep. Any time I had open was filled with a Zoom meeting by noon.

I got a few breaks when meetings ended early. The projects and Nike IT seemed to be a running full-out now. I seem to be needed by everyone all the time.

The details are not that interesting, just work, so this will be a short post.

I managed to slip a banana and bagel in this morning while drinking Mexican fairtrade coffee, freshly ground. Liberal boarder-cross coffee is just so reassuring in the morning. It makes you want to go out and help someone and register to vote.

Susie surprised me by getting up at 9ish, and to celebrate, I cooked her scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese–her fav. I added coffee and toast with peanut butter to finish up the celebration. Susie rode her bike too. I got the eggs cooked between a few meetings. I also fitted in doing the laundry between meetings and during status meetings. The folding is not done.

Lunch for me was left-over beef barley soup I had made a few days ago. This time there was some meat left–last time I managed to reheat it and missed having any meat. I finished off the soup while watching my calendar fill with more meetings.

I took a break late afternoon, my first today. I had a Zoom session at 6PM with Australia and wanted to relax. I was recording questions and answer on software development for now online computer conference down-under. I was supposed to be a speaker, but like everything, the conference is now online. We did the recording as a contingency. If the Internet breaks in October for the online presentation, the recording is ready. Video presentations are something outside of my comfort zone, but I wanted to help, and it was a chance to try something new. As usual, the event seems over before you get started, twenty minutes. The Eventful Group, the company that is doing this, people said I did well.

I then grilled some cheeseburgers. Something simple for tonight. Susie wanted no bun. We finished off the potato salad. I am tired. So I think we will keep this short.

More than eight-hundred seventy people lost their battle with Covid-19 today in the USA.

As the air clears and rains come it seems I should finally pick this one: O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing.



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