Day 189: Sunday Eating Out

It is hard to imagine we are on day 189 of the lockdown!

I started late this morning after a night of poor sleep. I could not sleep through the morning, so I got up late after just laying there for a few hours. I made coffee and watched the “Most Deadliest Catch” and then “Alaska Bering Sea Gold” reality TV. My legs hurt, and I was stiff, so I just wanted to take it very easy–coffee and TV. I also found my emotions too close to the surface, and so I was bad company. I am not sure that I didn’t cry when the story of the fishing mentioned for the first time Covid-19. The filming of Most Deadliest Catch is always the previous year; the show just hit 2020 and Covid-19. It is hard to see their reactions, which mirrored ours back in early 2020. It is hard to watch the captains of the crab boats discussing what the

The coffee and some TV worked, and my emotions, tired feeling, and stiffness went back to normal. Mariah asked me about lunch, and we headed to the Golden Valley Brewery. We sat outside and had burgers and the cheap $3 beer, a Kölsch. Mariah was off to Portland, and I returned home to work on building a 3D printer.

Back to Torx and metric parts, the build of the printer went on for a few hours. I am slowly learning how to build with 2020 T-slot beams and their connecting elements. The beams are made to allow you to slide nuts into them and then attach premade components. I bought the printer because of these parts; I wanted to try out this kind of build. It was 2017 then when I purchased a Folger 2020 i3 kit, and I got busy with coding Machine Learning, so the printer sent on a shelf. I have a few items I need a larger build for, and so I want this printer as it can build larger items than my resin 3D printer. The resin printer makes perfect 28mm figures (Dungeons and Dragon scale) and other small items great for board games. It is mostly my inexperience that causes a failed print on the resin printer.

My previous 3D printer is in the attic. It never worked and seemed to be permanently out of adjustment. I am hopeful that this do-it-yourself (DIY) printer will be a better fit.

I got the frame built. I then read more Maisie Dobbs and relaxed and woke-up stiff again.

Susie wanted to go out and get dinner somewhere. We headed to the Olive Garden; I thought I could do a huge salad and some small dish. I downloaded the app on my phone and put our name in. It said we were tenth in line and had a 30-minute wait. I rushed Susie and then complained about the Oregon drivers braking for green-lights (why?!) the whole way there. We make it according to the app and are now fifth on the list.

I see the folks there, and they inform me I am now on the real list and that there is a ninety-minute wait. I am frustrated as the application had me rushing there and telling me I could eat before nine! Susie is surprised as we get back in the car.

Pastrini’s, about a mile away, has room. We have a lovely meal there and take tiramisu home (it was delicious). As we are eating outside, we saw GrubHub drivers and pick-up orders running non-stop. We even witness folks popping out of running cars left with flashing hazard lights in the street to get their food. The traffic had to drive around the vehicle.

We came home and decided that I need another day off after the terrible two weeks of bad air and stress.

Today more than two-hundred ninety people in the USA died from the infections according to the reports.

Today I decided that all I wanted was a clear sky and rain and a Shaker hymn to mind: ‘Tis Be a Gift to Be Simple.


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