Day 208: Friday Not In Australia

This weekend I am in an online conference in SAP in Melbourne. I had a visa, flights, hotel, and even flights for Susie and Corwin. The flights are refunded, and the conference has been re-imagined as an online event. The virtual conference begins on Sunday night (Monday in Melbourne). I took a day off Monday; I will be up late both nights and share a panel online with a few others and talk about software late Monday. The talk was recorded about a month ago, so I will just answer questions and then enter a virtual conference room and chat more with people. I did this to help the people who put on the conference because I want someday that there will again be an SAP conference in Melbourne. This is what I can do to help fight the impacts of Corvid-19!

I do not know when I will get back to Australia.

Today started about 7ish. I was able to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes or so. I spent the day in Zoom meeting and reading and writing emails. The work on the project is moving now at a faster pace as we are starting to begin the count-down to the go-live on 27Dec2020. It was nice to see my friends that handle go-lives show up in Zoom meetings now. I have been on this current project for three years and we get to bring in the people who run systems, old friends. It is beginning to feel real.

Lunch was mac and cheese with kielbasa added in. I sliced up some sausage we did not use in last night’s dinner and fried it a bit. I then added the browned kielbasa to Deluxe Mac and Cheese from Kraft. It has that scary orange color.

I also managed to slip out today for a short walk. I finally made the full distance of my usual walk and was a bit tired when I got back. I plan to keep walking now that we have air that is reasonable and it is not hot. Rain is never an issue!

I forgot we decorate our manhole covers and they come with warnings.

We also have instructions for our street drains.

You know that you are in the Pacific Northwest by just looking at our drains. We are serious about not killing trout! Don’t even think about polluting.

I had a few crises of the moment this afternoon and we had to do a few text-only meetings to get those under control.

I found all the figures, 28mm Dungeons and Dragons scale, for Scooby-Doo and gang today in the UK. They are out of Shaggy’s figures but have a special post-apocalyptic version that I think I can modify back and create a normal-looking Shaggy. They are on the way.

I have the Scooby-Doo version of House on Haunted Hill board game and want to replace the paper standees with figures. This is a game with a story, and everyone takes on a role from the gang on the cartoon, but one person is the villain; nobody knows who it is until some events have the bad guy come forward. In this case, it is a cartoon-like story instead of a ghost haunting.

I stopped a bit early today and read some more.

I also saw the last roses before the big rains and lack of sunlight will slow everything down.

Dinner was pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs with cheese.

Today nine-hundred ten people in the USA died from the virus.

I turned to Methodist Hymnal #144 when I opened the book, This Is My Father’s World. I know I just did this song, but I like this version, so I decided to do it again.

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