Day 215: Friday Finally

Not a very long or interesting blog tonight. Sorry it was a quiet day.

I slept into 6:30ish before starting my day at work from home—zoom call after Zoom call starting about 8 and ending at 3:30. The last event being a virtual baby shower for one of our folks at Nike, Molly. We played a few trivia like games on-line to celebrate, and it was nice to see our friends if only their picture in a Zoom call. Some of my co-workers I have only seen on Zoom a few times this year. Usually, I would see them when I would be meeting in their building or passing in the halls. It was nice to hang-out for a bit, even virtually.

Molly had a baby shower wish list I was able to use at Amazon. I bought things to fix baby issues to be delivered to Molly’s home. That is what I do, I fix things at Nike, so I thought I should stick with what I know! The items will be delivered tomorrow in plenty of time for their go-live.

At the baby shower, we were to provide baby pictures of ourselves as our virtual background. I had to look through the pictures I have scanned for a baby photo of me. I saw a young Dad, Grandpa, and even Great Grandpa in some of the images. In one picture, I am just a newborn with a very young dad holding me. Grandpa, about my age, and Great Grand Dad at the age of about where Dad would be are in the photo. It is so odd to see them so young, and I missed them today.

1964 The Wild Men Royal Oak Michigan: Eugene, Bob, Edward and me.

Work was filled with a few crises of the moment that are all cleared up or delayed until next week. I changed Susie’s bandages from her skin biopsies. The original bandages were starting to itch–she is allergenic to the tape. I slipped that in between meetings.

I also made hamburgers from frozen patties adding cheese between meetings for lunch. Susie had scones and had her hamburger for dinner later. I was going to have potato salad with my burger, but I could not find any. I did not spot the potato salad container in the butter dish area in the refrigerator until later today when looking for butter. I moved the potato salad back to a shelf and the butter back to the butter dish. Hmmm.

I ordered groceries from while listening to a status meeting. I usually have a fill-in order for a few weeks and a large order once a month. The freezer is full, so I have to a bit careful. I did not order butter or potato salad–we have enough.

I took a short nap–that is how I change gears now, a short nap. I then got up and served Susie her hamburger, and I had warmed up the spaghetti from last night.

Our ballets still have not shown up. Should see them on Saturday or Monday.

More than nine-hundred twenty people fell to the virus today in the USA.

I opened and turned right to Great Is Thy Faithfulness in the Methodist Hymnal (#140) today and that just worked for me.

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