Day 217: Sunday–Quietish

I managed to spend the whole morning in my robe. Not never happens. I did not do the dishes or laundry and just read email and read about board games on the Internet. I also watched Expedition Unknown reality (sort-of) show on lost pirate treasure–a favorite for these shows. This one, The Buzzard, has a famous lost treasure, a cipher, has been represented in black and white pirate movies, and his grave thought to give you magical powers. Again, most of this is made-up and cipher discovered in the 1930s, but it is a fun story.

I had reheated quiche from yesterday. Always good the next day.

After enjoying The Buzzard story, I met Mariah for beers and food at The Rock Pizza place. The bar is well-spaced out, with no customers within ten feet of each other, and the staff very caring. Masks are in place and put back on when leaving the table. So we feel safe there, and the food is good. I had a meatball sandwich and fries; pizza places have good meatballs. Mariah had a quasi-Mediterranean salad that resembled more of a chef salad.

We received some of the personal protection equipment I have ordered for Halloween. We have the face shields. I already have gloves and masks, and the gowns are in order. We will be splattered with fake blood and giving out candy well protected and protecting the kids. I think we will get some fake vampire teeth and maybe some other items. The neighbors are setting up tubes to drop candy through.

The rest of the day I read and rested a bit. I made Pork Vindaloo for dinner a bit late as everyone had late lunches. The Vindaloo is the same recipe I make and it comes out perfect. It is from Cook’s but requires a membership or to buy the magazine to get it.

I am doing the laundry and reading. I am trying to finish the very dark murder mystery book, In the Woods by Tana French, set in Ireland that I find well written and engaging. It is about the murder of a child, and the narrator is not that sympathetic to me, one of the detectives. I can’t put it down, but I can’t recommend it. I like the more polite English deaths and saw that Maisie Dobbs has her 16th book coming out in March. I always recommend her stories–the stories are often dark, but the narrator is sympathetic.

While writing this the liquid laundry soap was vibrated off the shelf and crashed to the floor leaving a huge puddle of soap. Corwin and I cleaned up the puddle with towels that we then rinsed out in the bathtub. I am now washing them. It is a huge mess!

So I will stop a bit now as it is now late after getting the mess mostly cleaned-up.

Update: The amount of suds in the washer suggests we did not get as much rinsed out and may have to run the towels a second time. But, the washer did not burst with suds so we made it past that!

Broken cap and 1/2 of bottle emptied

In excess of four-hundred forty people in the USA are reported to have died from Covid-19.

As we had our own little flood here, I was thinking of many songs, and I found Peter and Paul and Mary This Land Is My Land, and it worked for me. It is a good election song.

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