Day 274: Sunday Dark and Cold

This evening my back-up hard drive for my Mac has failed. It is a brand new 5TD drive. I suspect it was damaged when I disconnected it. I am using a USB connection to use it. I am guilty of just disconnecting it. I am not very happy as you can’t have a laptop you can not move. I am trying to erase the hard drive and re-use it. I am making a new back-up.

Return to more interesting topics, I woke at 9:30ish this morning and did my normal email and other tasks. I opened a package of maple syrup breakfast sausage and put them in a glass dish, and baked them at 350 for 30 mins. and then turn the sausages over and cooked for 15 more mins.  These are everyone’s fav. I also heated some water with salt and two caps fulls of vinegar. When the water was hot and just about to boil, I turn down the heat to low. I then carefully break two eggs into the water to poach. Breakfast was two poached eggs, a few sausages, and a bagel with light cream cheese.

Susie had Eggo Waffles with the sausages. Corwin had sausages and a bagel.

It is easy to cover all meals now; dinner tonight was microwaved leftovers. Susie and I finished the Chinese delivered a few days ago. Corwin had some of the leftover Morracoan Chicken I made last night.

I did not get to making Beignets this morning. Instead, I did all the touch-up and fixes on the figures from the board game Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea. The dwarf faction is now painted and touched up. I also have sprayed the initial protective flat clear. I use the fantastic Mr. Super Clean UV flat clear. I have to buy it from Amazon as I cannot get it from our local stores. They cannot get it in.


I have yet to apply dark oil paint to do the shading. I use to use inks for this. I even used a bit of ink this time to make the faces and muscles more defined, but I still had to repaint some of it. The ink stains the paint to a darker shade. The inks also dry a different color than when you put them on. Oil paints do not have these problems, and I can wipe them off and try again–no repainting. I use a dark color oil paint, Spaceship Filth, from the company with the strange name of 502 Abteilung. They make oil paints for shading for models and figures.

My friend’s family, Michael Giessner, picked up my wine this weekend and dropped it off. Purple Cow Vineyard includes a free bottle as thanks for continuing to buy in the pandemic. The wine is made about thirty minutes away and is some of the best wine I have tasted.

Back to work on Monday.

It was reported that today in the USA, 1,379 died from the virus today.

I found a hymn I have never heard, and it is from 1653: Jesus, Priceless Treasure. I could only find it sung on the Internet by Lutherans. This hymn is #532 in the Methodist Hymnal.




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