Day 286: Christmas Eve 2020

Everyone is resting. I am in the living room sitting in front of the TV playing a DVD of a fire burning in a fireplace while jazzy carols play. It is Christmas Eve 2020. The Belgium Beer has made me a bit tired, and I have a slight headache for it too, I believe.

Dinner was just crackers and sausages and cheese. We watched the movie Frozen and Frozen 2. I had just seen Frozen a few days ago and wanted to watch them again.

Work started with me working from home at 6ish. I also was making No-Knead bread that I let to rise all-night. I then took out the dutch oven baking dish and oiled it, and sprinkled it with cornmeal. I know that later the bread was stuck, so I did not do enough oil or cornmeal. The cornmeal seemed to use absorb the oil and fall down the sides. Not sure what to do next time but use lots of oil.

I stirred the mixture once in the bowl and then poured it into the dutch oven backing dish and then let it rise for another two hours. You then make it at 450 for 45 minutes with the cover on. You remove the cover for 5-10 more minutes. Then pop it out of the dish (or, in my case, beat it loose) and let cool.

The bread was good, and the crackle real good. The extra salt was not noticeable. I put in 1/4 teaspoon too much salt.

Work was a few emails, but mostly it was quiet and waiting for our big go-live this Sunday. I was done about 3ish.

I slipped out for laundry supplies at Safeway.

I took a nap and then got a call from Wayne Weld-Martin that he had goodies for us. He delivered them, and I added the chips to our plans for tonight.

We had, as I said above, goodies for dinner. I cut up everything and delivered them to Susie. Corwin and I helped ourselves.

I put on the DVD of the fire in the fireplace with Christmas music and fell asleep in the chair after Susie decided she was tired and went to rest. We removed Susie’s bandages today from her Tuesday Mohs surgery. She has little pain today.

Not a bad Christmas Eve for 2020.

Today Christmas Eve, we lost another 2,835 people in the USA to the virus.

I picked our friend John Nilsen’s First Noel for our song today.

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