Day 312: Tuesday

I started at 6 this morning. Tuesday after a holiday, which means early meetings and trying to fit two-days of status reporting in one day. And for those who understand these scary words, the sprint closes on Wednesday too! Ugh!

To make this day more exciting, the vendor replied to my incident at 5AM to tell me that I should just upgrade my software to get the fix. The incident I wrote says the purpose of the incident is that we CANNOT upgrade yet and need a fix for the older version. After reviewing the reply with the team, I sent the incident back to the vendor with the small hope of getting a fix. I waited more than a week for the reply.

I then wrote up all the custom fixes options and sent out this information as an email to the team. All of this while attending four hours of Zoom meeting in the morning. Followed by three more hours of Zoom meetings in the afternoon. I will likely have more meetings on this tomorrow. I will try to keep my focus and not get frustrated.

I try not to be negative in this blog. Oh my!

I did go for a walk today. I have blocked my calendar at 10AM every working day at Nike (at home) to get that first frustration-working-off walk in before the afternoon meetings start. It helps!

Lunch was Mexican styled food from Don Carlos delivered by GrubHub. I also had a pizza, salad, and 2-liter Pepsi delivered to my mother in Michigan using GrubHub–I just change the address and use her local pizza place. Mom Wild seemed a bit down, so she got lunch-dinner delivered and paid for by me. This brightened-up her day.

I did remember to set GrubHub back to Oregon!

Physical Therapy for Susie was today. I had to work that in a while doing all the Zoom meetings. Susie had quite a workout with Clare wearing a face shield. Clare and Susie are working on strength and balance. Susie does stepping with ankle weights that Clare brings. Susie also walked down the hall and back with the cane. Clare thought today was one of Susie’s best days. I ordered 2lb ankle weights for Susie to help build up her strength. It was a good day, the first in a long time!

I made dinner after the Schwan’s truck updated my freezer with food! Schwan’s truck is here every other Tuesday. I had pan-fried pork chops and green beans, all from Schwan’s. I also made couscous.

For cooking, I ran water over the chop to get them defrosted. I then fried them with pepper and salt. I add butter later and cover to finish them. The beans are microwaved. I also make some almond slivers in butter and salt (I use unsalted butter) and heated that up, dumped the cooked beans into that, and stirred off the heat. In another pan, I cook almonds in olive oil. I heat some stock from a box in the microwave. I add in the couscous and stir it all together. I remove it from the heat–except today, I managed to get some stuck to the pan—more cleaning.

Susie liked dinner.

I am a believer when it comes to Macs and PCs, and back-ups. I discovered today I was missing an old adventure I wrote in 2004. I found the back-up hard drive and recovered it. I keep the physical drive back-up of my old computers. I use a kit to turn them into USB drives when the computer dies. This adventure was written on my old Windows computer. I just plug in the USB, and I copied the old D20 D&D adventure to my newest Mac and will be revising it for the new D&D version 5E.

5,511 people during MLK 2021 received vaccination in Oregon. It is likely the number will be increased as the data takes 72 hours to be collected.

2,768 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I picked the old song There Is a Blam in Gilead for today’s song–Methodist Hymnal #375.


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