Day 253: Monday Slow with Work

Today I started about 7ish with endless status calls until about 10:30, all on Zoom. The coffee and breakfast did not help, and I was fatigued and had trouble following the conversations. I had trouble with asthma this weekend, likely the dry, sunny days are full of pollen, and I am just worn-out.

I made a can of chili for lunch and got Susie out the door at 9ish for her appointment. She, too, looked pale and seemed a bit worn-out. I wish that we had had the party that went with the hang-over! Susie’s driver got her to Zerida, and Susie had hair, nails, etc., done. Susie picked up a McDonald’s Happy Meal with McNuggets, her fav.

I tried to get Susie an appointment for the Covid-19 shot. So far, I have not managed it. I suspect I will land one soon. Maybe Johnson and Johnson will make this easier.

I sent an email out that I was too tired to keep up with the status meetings and took off the afternoon. I went to bed, read for a while, and then woke about 4:30ish. Susie took a nap. I returned to email and work. I was going to just close-out Monday, but then I saw that the data conversion was running at 5PM and would run until midnight.

I could not miss this. I got back online for work, and then on my own Apple computer, I sent out an email to cancel the Roll20 Dungeons and Dragon game for this Monday. I listened and watched more of the time. This is data conversion, and I mostly watch the team.

So I am still watching while updating this blog. I am tired and had a headache. I will take some allergy meds tonight.

6,169 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday on a Sunday. This number will likely increase slightly, but the Sunday numbers have been low for the previous months.

One thousand four-hundred thirty-nine people died today from the virus in the USA.

I turned to Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me, in the Methodist Hymnal–#361.

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