Day 359: Sunday Housework

I started this morning very late. I was up at 9ish, which is like getting up the next day for me. I was going to paint figures or do crafty stuff. Instead, I made oatmeal from scratch and watched a terrible but delightful movie, in Chinese sub-titles on Prime: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. I have read the van Gulik Dutch version of Judge Dee translated to English; I like translated detective stories, and I loved Judge Dee and a China that, while fascinating, is just imagined. This was not like anything I read, but the wire-foo and story-line were just great. The special effects and the view of the imperial city were worth the time. It was over two hours, so I spent most of my morning and early afternoon on a guilty-pleasure while eating oatmeal. I may have to find some more Detective Dee movies!

I had to do a bit of caregiving this morning–late afternoon. Susie is OK.

I then started on the housework. I did the dishes and ran the dishwasher for what was left, less than a full load, but I wanted the dishes all clean. I ran the laundry. Then, after dressing and showering, I decided to climb the laundry pile. Clean laundry was just piled up, an Everest of clean clothing. I mentally prepared myself by putting on the Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack from the movie and began the struggle. I made multiple attempts to summit our Everest, returning to base camp often to put away the now-folded laundry while singing lines from the Phantom. I finally managed to reach the top, in this case, the bottom, and found the floor under the pile!

With the laundry sorted and put mostly away, it was time to risk everything. Yes, grocery shopping. Off to Wholefood where compliance to social distancing and masks is not questioned. I filled my cart with Organics and other goodness products. Ensuring that I got no-fat milk, eggs, multi-grain bread, and breakfast items. I am much more a fan of instant oatmeal now!

Dinner was arranged by procuring a premade-ready-to-cook meatloaf (not up to Susie’s standards, I later heard). I returned with my bounty, paying 20 cents extra for using paper bags as mandated by the State of Oregon. I would usually use my own bags, but then I have to bag the groceries myself and be close to the cashier, and that just is not something I am willing to do yet; 20 cents is worth it.

I put away the groceries and then, tired by all of my work, took a nap. I get up and start dinner forgetting the I am supposed to meet Mariah tonight to celebrate her poem being published. Corwin finishes dinner and serves it up for Susie and himself.

I head to the Golden Valley Brewery, which is packed, for the reduced seating, and we have a salad to celebrate. I stick to coffee with Mariah having a Spanish Coffee. We talk about possibly moving away from a trip to Rome this October to a USA road trip. Mariah and I can share the driving, and we could rent a van and travel comfortably from Oregon to the Candian Rockies, Denver, then follow the Mississipi to New Orleans and then fly back (or even drive back). It is an alternative that may be easier for Susie, and it is a cool trip.

I logged back on to work India morning time, 9PM PST. Tonight there is not much for me to do as we need to wait for other teams. So just a short meeting tonight.

16,414 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is already used up in Oregon. We still cannot get an appointment, but I still believe we will get one soon. These numbers are usually low as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts and post them.

Seven hundred sixteen people died today in the USA from the infection. I am happy to see such a low number, but we must witness the loss of so many people today.

I found this fun version of the hymn Trust and Obey on the Internet.

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