Year 1 Day 7: Slow and Quiet Saturday

I awoke about 7ish with allergy symptoms and was going to get up. I blink, and it was 9:30ish. I got going, but I had nothing but a haircut at 2PM, so I just went slow. I had a bagel and took my medications.

I finished watching the second half of the old Stargate movie.

I got ready, and Corwin came in, and we headed to lunch. Susie was still resting. I decided on sushi at our local Wasabi restaurant. Their food is not cheap, but the medium combo late is almost large enough for three. I ordered the deviled eggs too. We could have just gone with the medium combo plate! I have a beer from Japan.

This is the second time I have had sushi since the emergency started. Susie can’t eat fish; this is usually a treat on a Saturday lunch when Susie sleeps in.

Aside: Today is the second year of not having Game Storm. I have already paid. I called Matt V and told him I was missing playing games with him and others in Portland this year for Game Storm 2021.  Matt V and I talked and maybe we will restart in June with Dungeons and Dragons and other board games.

Returning to today’s story, I drove back, dropped Corwin off at home, and headed to my haircut with Zerida and was late; there were many more cars on the road in Beaverton than on recent trips. Almost the level of traffic before the pandemic. I will have to leave earlier next time.

I returned home after the haircut and finished watching the new recut of The Justice League DC comic movie. The original movie was a bit of a fail. The original movie did now flow well. I watch the four-hour movie stop and start today and would say it is better than the original. It is still not great.

Susie and I went to our usual drive-thru of Taco Bell for dinner. Susie had tacos, and I tried, still missing the Mexican pizza, the chicken quesadilla with a taco. We ate them in the parking lot, watching the rainbows form in the normal gray skies and side-ways rain of March Oregon.

I found the old movie Star Trek movie, Voyage Home, on HBOMax or Prime. It was fun to see the save the whales Star Trek again. Susie remembered some of the stories, and there are some hilarious gag lines in there. I need brain cookies today and this fits the bill.

I would like to say I did some robot work or read something meaningful or painted something or played some games, nope. I just took it slow.

22,630 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number may increase as it takes 72 hours to collect and post all the counts. Our county, Washington, has reached 20% of the population have been vaccinated.

792 people are reported today to have died from Covid-19.

I turned right to Be Thou My Vision today in the Methodist Hymnal and found this well-produced version.

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