Year 1 Day 34: Birthday 2021

Working backward, I talked to the Smiths on my birthday about various topics for about an hour. The sunset while I was talking to the Smiths, and I saw the bats come out. I did not hear the owls, but I believe they are out too. The bats and owls live in the big pines in our area.

Susie had taken a nap, and I saw from the open window that she was up now. I did not know that nobody got her dinner. So I warmed up a sweet potato with brown sugar and sliced the ribeye steak Corwin grilled for her. Corwin made dinner tonight, and Mariah dropped by and left a birthday cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, for my birthday dinner.

We watch the rest of The Last Jedi while eating dinner. Susie was then napping. I forgot that the movie ending makes up for most of its sins. I still have trouble with the movie’s logic, but the parts with Luke in it make up for the head-scratching about why anyone would do some of the things portrayed.

It was a near-perfect day, except for the pollen here in Oregon. Sunny and over eighty. We opened all the doors and windows! I found many excuses to be outside, and I read and fell asleep with all the light coming in with the fresh (pollen-filled!) air. It is one of my favorite things to be lying in bed reading and then fall asleep in the bright sun and fresh air. That made my day very special.

We are short of everything. So that was my excuse to drive Air Volvo and go shopping. I picked up the streaks and sweat potatoes for tonight. I also picked up most of what we need. Somehow I forgot bread.

Before all of this, I was painting Richard’s figures. I finally finished the initial painting of the first faction. The six figures took about three hours each to paint. The other figures are easier; I should finish them faster. I will then use oil paints to shade them, spray them with a protective spray, and be done.

I made lunch-breakfast for Susie as the previous breakfast was mostly in Corwin and me. I made her scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and some steamed ham. Yes, still some Easter Ham left. It was perfect.

Still working backward, as it was my birthday, I took break sausages and put them in the oven to bake. I made Irish oatmeal from scratch. Breakfast as freshly made oatmeal with sausages on top. I wanted that for my birthday. I selected my H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival bowling shirt for today.

I got started at about 8:15ish. I decided on a low-stress day for my 57th birthday.

28,146 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. The infection rate is climbing in Washington County, where I live, and Governor Brown may lock us down again. Washington County has a 35% vaccination rate.

887 people died today in the USA from Covid-19.

Eternal Father Strong To Save (The Naval Hymn) seems a good hymn for today as my birthday is one day after the anniversary of the RMS Titanic sinking. They sing the song in the movie for Sunday Service.

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