Year 1 Day 73: George Floyd’s Day 2021

I have to admit I awoke after just lying down to read for a few minutes about 4:30ish and really woke up with a start at 6PM! I was more tired than I thought. I had interrupted sleep all night, but I thought I could keep going. I did manage to make it to 4ish for the shoe company.

I slept into 7ish, but I woke at 6ish and was very tired and dizzy, so I slept another hour.

I was on my first status meeting at 8. I made breakfast while listen and left on the video. I think everyone wanted breakfast after that, a bagel with cream cheese and a banana, all with coffee.

This meeting was followed by meetings all morning on Zoom. The lack of sleep started to get to me a few times as some of the discussions were long on talk. I tried to pay attention and help. I also had some trailing emergency of the moment that seemed to be restarting from the previous day. I tried again to put them away.

I had some vendor patches to apply, but that broke as I need special authority. That was not forthcoming. I decided instead of lunch. I split my lunch with Corwin, Massaman Cury. Today is Corwin’s birthday. He went to the beach with a huge load of firewood for a great fire on the beach tonight. Today is an epic blood moon. I suspect, if the clouds are less, I will get quite a picture from Corwin about 1:30 Thursday morning.

I tried to do some coding of scripts for installing software today. I went back and reviewed what I had built in February. There may be a need for it soon.

And then Chrome took our my Nike laptop. It totally locked up, and nothing could fix it. I powered it off. It recovered the Chrome sessions and totally locked again. I then powered it down hard and restarted it again. Finally, Chrome detected a failure and offered to restart. I said, “No!” and my laptop lives again. Ugly!

Schwann’s came, that is why I woke up–the doorbell, and I got some cheese and bacon, potatoes skins for dinner, and other items for later. I made dinner and opened a can of peaches to share to go with the skins.

Susie and I ate dinner while watching the BBC news on PBS and then some of News Hour. We watched the news in the Middle East and the USA trying to deal with the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Already a year has passed.

I went back to painting tonight. Richard’s next faction I am painting is the squids. Not sure what they mean in the game, but they are nautical.

I add the shell for looks.

Washington Country, Oregon, where we live, is at a 55% vaccination rate.

It was reported that 669 people in the USA died from the virus today. Four of those people died here in Oregon.

After flipping through the Methodist Hymnal, I decided on I’m Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing. I found this nice 2021 version.

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