Daily Blog June 9, 2021: Working Friday

I started about 7ish and worked the morning and then watched along as the software was moved into place that we need to do the data conversions at the shoe company. I was not needed for most of this, but I watched and followed along in case I was needed.

As I was busy all morning, I warmed up the goulash that I made a few days ago on the stove. As usual, it was a bit better a few days later reheated. Then, I made Susie a plate of crackers with different cheeses, nuts, and crackers. Something different, and she was up late today, and so breakfast just did not make sense.

We went to the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove for dinner. We picked up Mariah on the way. We wanted to sit outside, drink beer, listen to music, and eat dinner. No masks now. We went in without masks, and most folks were maskless. It was kind of weird. The music was rock.

Also, Richard in Portland has called together players this Saturday to play another game that I do not know: KanBan EV. This game is another second edition Kickstarter premium version of a successful game. This version has high marks and has you assume the role of a new employee at an electric car company. You are also chased by your manager to get knowledgable, or else be punished–so corporate! I have just watched the videos, and it is a very complex game. I will try not to come in last!

Susie fell in the kitchen. She is not supposed to be in the kitchen as her walker does not work well in our galley kitchen. There are sharp edges too. Susie, being the ice skater, fell without injury. I managed to get her back up. I was very frustrated that she was walking in the kitchen–she left her walker and was walking without a cane.

I will stop there as it has been a crazy day.

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