Weekend Blog Sunday July 11, 2021: Free Sunday

I slept poorly, and thus the 6AM alarm on Sunday morning was received without welcome. I turned off the alarm and rested for a few minutes but was up and moving early.

I did not get dressed and watched some Game of Thrones, season seven, and noticed I was late! I managed to be in a Zoom meeting, no video for me, late, and it was a tiny gathering.

This was followed by the general status meeting at 8:30. There we reviewed what is happening on the data conversions. One was running way over and, to get it done, they were using nearly 90% of the system. This meant that our data conversion might not go forward tonight. We did at 4PM have a go-no-go meeting (go!). And that this was followed by the general status meeting, where our data conversions, even with the go decisions, were delayed until Monday noonish.

Before the afternoon events, we got dressed and made it to church again. This is Aloha Methodist nearby. Unfortunately, our church, Beaverton First, is not yet open. Wayne reminded me of the church in reply to the blog email, so I managed to remember and get Susie and us there on time.

Masks are required, and strict distancing is maintained. No singing but humming was suggested. They were happy to see us twice in a row. We will not make the next Sunday there as we will help open Beaverton this coming Sunday.

We then took Air Volvo to lunch at Applebees. Wayne and Anne Weld-Marton had not been there in over a year, and Susie and I had not been back to this Applebees in over four years!

Even with four years, the menu was familiar but slightly more expensive. My Southwest Salad is still missing. I used to order it every Sunday. I believe the Applebees in Lansing, Michigan, still make the salad for my mother-in-law Leta. She has a special deal on iced tea and salads with the managers. Before the pandemic, Leta ate there and had a Southwest Salad most days. They were happy to see her. She has been picking up a salad there now a few times a week.

Our waiter told us that they are having staffing issues. Every day she comes in to learn who decided to quit that day. She explained that somedays she might be working with only a few people. She said it was hard, but they make it work.

Our food was good, but the delivery of drinks and food was slow. We even ordered a dessert, and their blondie brownie with ice cream, apples in sauce, and walnuts was great. We shared it three ways.

After dropping Wayne and Anne off home after an extended lunch, I was only 90 mins away from my meetings. So I took a short rest and started.

Once the conversions were delayed, I closed my Nike laptop and took a nice nap. I ordered dinner from PizzaHut and had it delivered. I did not wake up until 8ish at night, so I ordered out. It was too late to work something out at home.


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