Story 26Nov2021: Even Better

My sleep was difficult, and I was up getting some Tylenol to stop the pain from the booster shot in my right arm. Thus, morning came sooner than wished, and I was moving about around 7:30.

I had breakfast, including some turkey, and did my usual email reading and updating myself on the news. Omincron, the new variant of Covid-19, has been announced. The markets around the world fell. We may be facing an escape from the vaccine and something even more contagious than Delta. It upset everyone.

I did the morning shift and headed out a bit late but made it to Portland just after 10AM. Susie was awake and feeling better. She cannot find the words she wants to use, but her speech is improved, much more animated.

I cleaned and repainted Susie’s fingernails, bright pink. I had brought my nail kit with me, and with Susie feeling better, I thought it an excellent time to use it. Everyone was happy to see her new paint.

I spoke to the doctors, and they explained that Susie would have good and bad days from the severe illness (lung collapse on the left side). She did not have another stroke, and that they needed her to eat better. The nurse is suggesting a feeding tube as Susie is still having trouble with choking. Susie did not like that idea and was more motivated to eat with care.

The nurse allowed Susie to have to support people at a time, Barb and Leta. They had lunch and then got there about 1ish. I headed out for a late lunch.

I circle Air Volvo in the Pearl District; it being Black Friday, I ended up having to use a parking garage instead of a straightforward parking space on the street. Next, I headed to Deschutes Brewery. There was seating in the bar, but all of those seats were too close for my tastes, and I found a seat in a corner by myself.

A gal in a Christmas sweater got me a porter and a tray of finger foods. I then went online and launched fruitcakes and fudge from Gethsemani Farms. Every Black Friday, I re-order last year’s gifts of fruitcakes and fudge for the holidays. It is my first purchase of gifts in the holiday season and is how I started the holidays. “The Fudge and Fruitcakes must flow!” I

I had coffee and a dessert as the porter hit me pretty hard. It was nice to hang out in the bar again.

I went home and took a nap. Barb and Leta then met me at the Beergarden in Beaverton for dinner. I had nodded off and missed Barb’s text, so I arrived after them y a few minutes. It was agreed that I would sleep in, and Barb and Leta would take the morning shift at the hospital.

We all agreed that Susie was better.

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