Story 28Nov2021: Hard Day

I am sorry for being late today with this blog. It has been a busy morning, and I am just getting to this in the late morning on Monday.

Sunday morning started with me getting going at about 7ish and doing the usual things. Barb and Leta were flying back to Michigan that afternoon, so they stopped by to say goodbye to Susie in the early morning. I would follow later in the morning with my usual 10AM time.

I wrote the blog, had breakfast, and showered, and got dressed. My phone rang with the hospital name on for caller ID. It was Susie’s support people. Susie was in some distress as her heart was beating irregularly, and they saw signs of stroke and had a stroke code called. Susie was rushed to a CT scan and lay flat on her bed. Her ability to talk, swallow, and move her right side was impaired.

Leta and Barb were there for that, and I talked to them a few times as I drove in early. They left just before I got there and I would text and call them with updates.

I spoke to the docs, and all of us were concerned with the changes and what options were available to us.

Susie’s heart responded to new meds. There were no new stroke signs anymore. Susie’s swallowing ability improved, and I fed her crushed-up meds in apple sauce while the speech gal watched and evaluated Susie.

I stepped out to get lunch at a Mexican place. It was a short break, and I needed to refocus on the good news that Susie was recovering from the morning event. I went to a place called Santa Fe. The order taker (this is a pick-up your food place) did not speak English, so my attempt to ask for whatever the order taker liked failed. We managed to agree, somehow, that I wanted a burrito with steak. It was OK–should have stuck to tacos.

Susie napped, as much as one can in a hospital, and seemed back to herself a day ago. By 6PM, I felt safe to leave. I was emotionally drained by then.

Air Volvo and I managed the dark rainy travel that is the deep fall weather here. Corwin was home, so we headed to Wild Buffalo Wings. I had wings and a Coor’s Light (a refreshing beer-like product).

And then…I emptied the master bedroom bathroom of stuff. How could there be so much stuff in one tiny bathroom? I managed to get it cleared after filling a plastic tub and a trash bag. How we could have calcium supplements never open that expired four years ago is a mystery I choose not to focus on!

Jeff will start remodeling and repairing the bathroom on Monday, so I had to clear out the basic cabinets and so on.

I also get to sleep in the spare bedroom as it may get messy in the master bedroom. So I practiced that on Sunday night. It was comfortable after I moved the reading light from the master bedroom to the spare.

All my toiletries are in the shared bathroom now. I managed to sleep about 11ish.


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