Story 3Jan2021: A Bit Busy

The day started with the iPhone waking me at 7ish and me rolling over for a bit. The morning was then rushed, like before my surgery, with email and coffee and then writing the blog. I was not tired this morning which was a new feeling.

I logged on to the shoeccompany, finding my password on a piece of paper, and reset my out-of-office and doing my timesheet. I was relieved it took only a short while to get this done.

I managed to be dressed and left about 10ish. My first time driving Air Volvo since my surgery. I had planned to wait for the whole two weeks after my surgery, but Susie was reported fading at the nursing home, so I had to start a day early. I found that I had no issues getting into Air Volvo and starting the trip.

My incisions did start to be pulled a bit from driving until later and on the way back. I had no issues getting to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center about 11ish and made my way to Susie’s room, 44A; I did have to follow all the procedures, including getting my temperature checked.

Susie was sleeping, and it was hard to wake her up at first. She was delighted to see me, but she was clearly not really able to wake up. She tried to speak, but only a few words, and those were not clear.

I checked with her nurses, and she told me that Susie is not eating any more; the nurse cried. She also told me that Susie is staying hydrated by drinking water and is comfortable. The nurse went on to say with damp eyes to say that Susie was very sweat and would say, “I can see you” when sitting with her but Susie did not eat for the last few days.

I checked Susie’s vitals, and they are normal.

I brought Susie some of her mail. She got some little gloves and a small dream catcher from the American Indian kids she supports. I put the gloves under her tree, still lighted, and hung the dream catcher on the wall. Then, I watered the plants and stayed with Susie for about an hour. I was very fatigued by then. I called using FaceTime so Susie could see and chat with her mother and Dr. Peter Koper.

I managed not to cry, except for a few damp eye moments with the nurse and when saying goodbye.

I was distraught in the car sitting in the parking lot, cried, and got calm enough to drive. The visit brought back all the pain of Susie’s illness. I had moved Susie’s challenges to the back of my mind while I endured the prep, surgery, hospital stay, and recovery. Now it was back and painful.

I drove home. I chatted with Anne Weld-Martin sitting in another parking lot, and we agreed to visit Susie on Tuesday. I would be there about 10ish, and Anne would be there about 11ish. We would likely overlap.

I did drive-through and got Popeye’s fried chicken and coleslaw. However, I did eat only 1/2 of the coleslaw. While chicken is on my food list, I’m not sure that meant fried chicken, but I felt like I needed more calories of late. So, I watched some YouTube videos on shipwrecks (recommended video on shipwrecks)  and from Nerd of the Rings while eating.

I finished the book Certain Dark Things this morning. I highly recommend the modern vampire story. It is the best story I have read since the first book of the Twilight books (I only liked the first one).

I fell dead asleep in the chair.

Groceries were delivered, and I put them away. Trying not to lift too much weight, 20 pounds being my limit. But, Safeway did not have celery or eggs noodles. So, I text Corwin to get some.

After waking, I put on the rest of the new Matrix movie (I watched the first 1/2 a few days ago), available for no additional cost on HBOMax, and fell asleep again (turning off the film before I slept).

Corwin finally appeared with the supplies after I awoke and finished the Matrix movie for the second time. It is still good, and I recommend it. It is the movie that should have been the third film.

Corwin takes over for me in the kitchen, cleaning it up, chopping stuff. I boil the noodles (Corwin filling the pan for me), cook the celery and onion in a frying pan before mixing all the things together to make an old-style Tuna Noodle Casserole. I even crush potato chips over it. Dondrea inspired me to make this after a chat last week.

It is bubbling after 40 minutes at 350F, and we have some. It is a bit flat to my taste, but I have three bowls as I am famished. Again, the effects of the healing process.

From the same director as the new Matrix movie, I watched a favorite of mine while eating that is considered one of the worst made movies, Jupiter Raising. However, I still like it, and while Corwin panned the acting, I still thought it fun (but overly predictable).

I am tired and a bit sore. The incisions now hurt, and I am stiff. I managed to get to bed about 11ish, not sure where all the time went, and fell asleep quickly. I awake at 3ish but decide against pain killers, getting up just does appeal, at 4ish and sleep some more.

2 thoughts on “Story 3Jan2021: A Bit Busy”

  1. Dear Mike,
    Joan has filled me in on your recent health journey and Susie’s as well. She forwarded your blog link to me and I have been checking in. I want you to know that I am holding both of you in my prayers each day. I am sure that this isn’t an easy time for you caring for yourself and for Susie. Know that God is at the center of it all…that is what gets me through as I navigate my own mother’s journey in hospice and my father’s ailing health after a recent heart attack. There are never the right words to offer in this situation; but please know that you are in my heart and my prayers. Please tell Susie for me too. Blessings and peace to you this week and in the weeks to come. Cathy Thoma


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