Story 12Feb2022: Feeling Better

Going backward, the night ended after 10:30 with me quickly falling asleep. I had been moving more than I had for a month, so I was tired, but there were no rips, leaks, or failures. No chemotherapy drugs again as I am in the seven-day recovery period.

I have a recommendation for the animated series from Cory: The Legend of Vox Machina. I finished the first, gasp, twenty-two, episodes of the first season of the Clone Wars and decided I was not ready for a new season. So I found this animation a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Apparently, $11 million was raised in Kickstarter, and the series is now appearing on Amazon Prime. I thought it quite good and also almost R-rated. You can see some of the Dungeons and Dragons mechanics even. I would recommend it if you can stand the word F**K being said as a descriptor and you like fantasy.

I also managed to start following my sister’s direction on buying a craft ball instead of making one. I began work to see how this would work on the balloon model. I am first trying to make the airbag look like its skins sewn together. I also have some scale rope to see the colors and look. So far, it is working out.

Dinner was Indian Food delivered by Rekha and Shyam from work. It was a lovely Indian chicken meal. Thanks!

Before dinner, I managed to get out while the mask and socially distancing were still in place for the next few weeks. Once the mask mandate drops, as I am facing a reduced immune system, I will be hiding out here at the Volvo Cave.

My last stop was the hobby store, where I managed to find some miniature wood items for building wooden ships. I also bought the rigging (rope) and other things I might use. This is all for the balloon model.

Everyone was masked at Tammie’s this time, and careful adherence to socially distancing seems now to be followed. Better. I talked to their Train guy, he has the best toys, and I found a miniature neon sign of Portland’s reworked white stag sign. I had to have it. It is done by Light Works USA that makes the best miniature lights. Again, the train folks have all the best stuff, and if you need to figure out lighting, painting, terrain issue for making a model, ask a train guy.

I found my fav mag there too.

Before this, I wanted to get out and move a bit off to a nursery. So I went to the Cornell Farms on the edge of Beaverton-Portland in the high hills above Beaverton. I walked all over their plantings and offerings. I managed to not buy anything other than a coffee mocha and a scone. All too much sugar for me usually, but I have found that without the bleeding issue, my sugar levels are working better. And it was wonderful.

I found a chair under the colossal Monkey Puzzle tree and enjoyed my products there. Yes, we can grow this insane tree here. It is hard to get started, but once you get it above ten feet tall, lookout as it takes over.

Before this, I stopped at the house for a bit; the ADT guy, David, showed and went over the requirements to secure my home. I want four cameras and various other neat stuff. All of which cannot be done without power in those locations. It also must use, to my surprise, internal wall plug power–no direct connect. So I will need to have some electrical rework done. It is good, I guess, that I invested in replacing the power panel (the previous one had a safety recall!) a few years ago. I am resisting upgrading the service to the house, but if I switch to charging a car, I might need that extra amps for the super-fast chargers. Returning to the security system, my plans to spend the whole afternoon getting the security system are on hold until I make the changes. Also, the area near the windows needs to be cleared of stuff for the work to continue. I will reschedule the installation once I have made the corrections. Of course, all the cameras were not included in the original price, and it will cost a few grand to get the coverage I want. Thus, I ended up with a free afternoon.

In the morning, I managed to reach Susie about 10ish. She was happy to see me in the morning. Unfortunately, I was on a busy schedule and could stay only an hour. We called Leta, her mother, on FaceTime. They had a nice chat. We then played with some coasters from a fav bar. Susie could slide them a bit, but neither of us could manage to flip them into the air and catch them like the bartender does.

The morning was up at 8:20ish and rushing. I felt better. I still use the Utterly Smooth skin cream as it reportedly prevents some feeling of loss in fingers and toes. It has been so successful that the pharmacy for my chemotherapy emailed me the picture of the product. It contains urea (cow pee).

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