Story 21Feb2022: Still Going

Day 5 of the current chemotherapy cycle is always interesting. The steroids are over, and the infusion is now days away, so some changes will happen. I managed to sleep more, even with me sleeping away most of the previous day. I started about 8:45ish and made steel-cut oat oatmeal from scratch. This is boiling water and mixing it. No great effort and is fresh. I add brown sugar, walnuts, and butter to the finished product (made with a pinch of iodized salt).

I manage to write the blog and to take all the pills. It is hard going as the extreme cold sensitivity is still in place, but the cane is unneeded, and I am steady and walking safely in the house. However, the fatigue will not let loose. The clock is running the normal speed, so chemo-head is gone–if it was ever there. It is just hard to do anything as I am tired.

I seldom order lunch from GrubHub, but I want to save what energy I have left to reach Susie today. I am determined to see her today. So it is a snack version of Wild Buffalo Winds boneless wings. That works, and I am feeling better after having added some Asian Zing sauce to my day. Funny, but just a little of something spicy can really get you going.

Shower and careful attention to detail is done. It is hard going still. I manage to get into the car, learning that my face still freezes without a mask. So, re-do, back into the house, KN95 on, and then step outside. Works!

Susie loves daffodils, and I planted one for her in the center of our flowers which will stand out as the roses will be cut back. It bloomed and reminded us of all of the possibilities yet come.

I have to admit I was nearly falling asleep when Susie had the call on my phone with her mother, Leta. Without incident, I managed to reach the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center, Room 44A, found at 3900 Pacific Highway. I managed the entry rituals without issues. I was just now fatigued. The visit was short and likely less than the travel time, but it was the goal for the day.

I managed to get home without incident.

Dinner was lamb stew from GrubHub. Again, thanks to Nike IT folks for all the cards for GrubHub. I am using them as I am so tired.

I spoke to the social worker for Susie; the hospice process came with lots of help, and she said she was happy to finally meet Susie. They had a friendly chat. The social worker could not enter earlier as the facility had Covid-19 cases. Yes, we have been running that risk every day too.

I enjoyed the end of the season of Reacher on Prime today (the ending was a bit predictable from this kind of storyline but oddly satisfying). I thought it started better, but I was still happy with the finish.

I finally slept, and while waking a few times, I managed a more regular sleep. Oddly, I am more tired today than I expected. Exhausted. So I will be careful.

Prayers go out for peace.

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