Story 04March2022: First Chemo Break Day

The day started a bit early as I woke from a full night’s sleep with sunrise. However, I did roll over and went back to sleep until about 8:30. I felt a bit better as there was no chemo now for 24 hours.

I started my day, like most days, making coffee and writing. I checked CNN and BBC News and learned that the war continues its slow grind. Markets are still randomly reacting to the war, and various organizations are going beyond government sanctions and are banning or refusing Russian goods and services.

I start back on my balloon model today and do some basic painting in the morning.

I have peanut butter toast with my coffee and take my meds early as they no longer need to be on a 10 and 10 schedule. I get dressed and all that before lunch. I stop by Taco Bell and have their Chicken Quesadilla meal with a taco and a cold drink. Interestingly, Taco Bell has dropped almost all chicken options. The taco was the terrible taco they have produced for twenty years.

The travel to Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway in Air Volvo was without any creative driving on the part of my fellow drivers. On the way, I pass Dairy Creek, which is now a much larger lake as all the water from the rains from the last few days is filling our rivers and creeks and spilling over into low areas. I am distracted by our skies full of sun breaks and huge cotton candy-like clouds; some are dark and pour water on us. This makes the beautiful rainbows, and sometimes the clouds pour down with the rain looking like flying waterfalls.

There was a huge rainbow over Beaverton on my drive back. The mixed clouds are one of the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, as is the rain coming down while it is sunny. Never forget a hat and various other raingear when outside if there is a cloud in the sky!

I arrived at the facility and passed the entrance questions on Covid-19. Susie was back in bed after being up in her wheelchair in the morning and early afternoon for breakfast and lunch. She was more alert today and did not have any tummy issues on Friday that she had on Thursday. We called her mother and Susie, and she chatted with Leta on FaceTime. Zoraida has health issues in her family and cannot visit Susie, so we called her too. Susie was thrilled to talk to Zoraida. Next, we called Dan and Janice Gray, and they were happy to hear Susie’s voice.

I left a bit early as Susie looked tired, and I felt a nap coming in too. Once at home, I managed to get started again at 5PM and went through the freezer, now that the extreme cold issue has faded, and made Chicken Cordon Blue, mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner. All was frozen and from Schwann’s. The freezer is stuffed full of items, so I thought it reasonable to clear out a bit of food. Cooking this is mostly more of arranging and applying heat.

While I was making dinner, I also returned to the balloon model and spent a few hours trying to finish up the balloon part of the balloon. I also looked at some rigging plans for sailing ships to figure out how I wanted to rig the balloon. I decided to connect the ropes to a circular rope at the top with hooks I took from a spare set of chainplates I had for wooden ship models. I will then connect the ropes to another circle above the basket I have yet to build. The basket will be about 4″ square. Again, it is oversized, but this is a fantasy model, so we will wink at physics and gravity as often suggested by Douglas Adams.

I do watch some news on PBS and then return to the model and keep painting and building and trying to get a rigging plan in my mind.

I will rig six lines on Saturday and then sew in some stay between the main lines. I will then splice those to another circle rope to draw all the cords together, and then that will attach to the main basket, yet to be built. I have created a small platform, and I will suspend that on the main lines and plan to borrow some blocks from my HMS Victory kit to make a banner line to fly a flag controlled from the basket–I have not found the time to start the 1/100 scale model that needs a 16-month build. This also means creating a rope ladder to provide a means to reach the platform from the basket. I have an anchor that I want to have on the basket, but I am not sure I have room for a windlass in the basket. It is nice to work with one’s hands again after so much freezing.

I went to bed a bit early and read and finally slept. I had nightmares for the start of the night but did sleep finally.

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