Story 20March2022: Sunday

It was a difficult night with only a few hours of sleep. I woke in the late morning surprised that it was already 9ish. I like to get going early on Sunday so I can write the blog and head to First United Church in Beaverton. But, that was going to be difficult with such a late start.

I manage the blog and breakfast. I take my pills on time before 10AM and then rush to the shower. Rushing, I manage to be out the door before 10:30, the time church starts, but being late is better than not making it, I tell myself.

But, there is a call from a familiar number. Susie has called me with the help of the nurses. She is in a panic and tells me, “she needs me.” I promise to head to her, and instead of turning left towards Beaverton, I take a right on TV Highway. The traffic is still more than usual light traffic for Sundays; many people are out with the restrictions lifting for the pandemic. My new course takes me about thirty minutes.

Without incident, I make it to Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. I am quickly passed through the ritual that I do not have Covid, exposure, or symptoms. This week is the facility is officially Covid-19 free.

Susie is in the area near the nurses’ station. She is in a panic and talking non-stop when she sees me. Some words I can make out. Susie says she is not good and that her voice and eyes are not working right. She asks to leave and go home. She begs to return home just for a day or two days. Susie wants her normal back, and it is heartbreaking.

Susie does not know where she is or why she is there. She has memory issues, and the sameness of every day at the facility does not improve this. Susie has the staff in Forest Grove help her call me when she panics.

I spent two hours with Susie and took her outside to see the daffodils. She is calm when I leave, yawning, and ready for a nap. We do manage to connect to Susan’s mother, Leta, who spends a tearful time talking to Susie and finally helps to calm her down. It is a hard day for Leta and me.

I head to the Mexican place to have soup, Tapatio Mexican Restaurant. The sudden changes in my plans, the chemo meds, and the stress have left me unsettled. Their tortilla soup is almost too spicy for me to eat. Perfect! Coffee to drink as I still cannot drink anything cold. I find my center and my various side effects from the chemo give me a break.

I finally managed to put some gas in the Air Volvo, which was politely lighting up the dashboard with a count down on the number of miles I had left. Regular unleaded is $4.69 in Reedville. Air Volvo is happy with a full tank.

Corwin is up when I get home, and we unwrap the two new roses, bare roots, that I ordered almost 16 months ago, before my cancer and the strokes for Susie. The rose, Wedgwood, is impossible to get except by special order from the grower, David Austin USA. I thought we should add some color to the backyard with climbing roses on the fence. It was the middle of the worst pandemic, so I wanted a bit of color and something a bit long horizon to look forward to.

It is a grafted rose, but I have three of those now. I like my roses to grow on their own roots, here in wet Oregon. But, grafted roses are often the only way to get some roses. These are expensive too.

Corwin installed two holes, followed directions from David Austin folks’ pamphlet, and planted two climbers near the fence in the backyard. I had supplied special infected soil additives and rose food to mix in the earth. I was resting while Corwin quickly and efficiently planted the roses. Corwin loves the roses we have grown over the years. It has been quite a few years since we added to all our roses. This is also the first time I have ordered bare roots, so it will be interesting how it goes.

Today was a busy day, and I headed out a bit early to get food before the Dungeon and Dragon game at Cory’s. I was must well enough to do it and wanted a distraction. I picked up some food at Taco Bell and then drove over. I had coffee with my order.

The game was fun, but I was fading at the end. Again, we had more combat than expected with us surprised and attacked by a boss monster. Lucky for us, a terrible die roll from Matt, our DM, a 1 on a twenty-sided die, sent the boss into the water. We then managed to bring on enough hits with an advantage on the roll to knock out the boss and bring the battle to a halt. Scott, unfortunately, took most of the initial fire and was knocked out for the whole fight.

I drove home way of donut place and brought back a dozen home. I took my pills with donuts and then went to bed.

I finished Americana before falling asleep and getting about six hours of sleep. I had to take some meds as I felt pretty terrible at 4ish. I have all the side effects this Monday!

Jack recommended Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism, and I would say it is an excellent review of how America came to be. It is clear about the tough history of the USA. Its review of current events and conclusions are thoughtful. Thanks, Jack, and I would recommend it too.


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