Story 31March2022: Skip Infusion

I was up at 5AM as I could not sleep, and my asthma kicked in. So I had the blog written, and breakfast was done before 8:30ish. Then, I took my first dose of oral chemotherapy. After that, I got showered and dressed, and Evan was soon up, and we waited until 9ish to head to Portland for my infusion.

Evan was driving Air Volvo, and we headed up 185th to catch 26 to Portland. But the Max train was blocking 185th! So we had to turn around and take the TV highway to 216 to 26 instead. Not a good start, but we had 30 minutes extra, and the traffic was low for a Thursday.

Evan took the exit into Goose Hollow instead of the more heavy traffic. We then had to cut through back streets to reach 22nd and then take it, through many stop signs, to reach the Legacy Campus where the OHSU Cancer Institute is contained. Evan managed it.

He just dropped me off. I went through the process at the Cancer Center and had an IV for my last infusion installed in my left arm this time. My doctor met me and did not know about my ER trip and my reaction to the last infusion–I thought they had contacted him and it was all in my chart-but no. We are done; his reaction was no reason to risk that again. Skipping the last infusion, the doctor said, would not meaningfully change my chances of reoccurrence of colon cancer, so I was done with this. Just take the oral chemo. My IV was removed, and I contacted Evan to come and get me.

Evan was just reaching home; he put some gas in Air Volvo and then reached the Volvo Cave when he saw he was needed back in Portland. He was there in 30 minutes or less. The traffic was even less now.

As I was not suffering the side effects of the infusion, I took over driving. We headed across the bridges to the more industrial part of Portland. I like it better there. We found Grassa, a pasta place off of Hawthorn. I had never been there before, but Evan loved the place. I had a glass of wine, a local vintage called Coopers Hall–a Malbec, and ordered Carbonara for only $14. That price was stunningly low for freshly made pasta and a nearly perfect dish. We parked on the street without issue.

We watched as the burned-out shell of a building, an old Lebanese restaurant, and a furniture store that caught on fire from the improperly stored chemicals started to be demolished in small clouds of dust while we ate. The manager said we got a show too. He was also interviewing people for a job at Grassa or their sister place Lardo. So it was a pleasant lunch.

We went to get the car, and while trying to cross Hawthorn, a busy four-lane street with a turning lane too, a car did a U-turn and barely was missed by the horn-blowing surprised drivers. Yes, the driver looked very relaxed and was pleased with the parking spot acquired with some risk. So we carefully crossed the street and got in Air Volvo.

It is well known that a Portland driver will risk much for a good parking spot.

I next drove a short distance to Guardian Games. I wanted to see what they are doing now that the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, not that I am ready to take those risks. They are providing gaming tables now. The tables are not spaced out much. On the tables is a rules list. It includes the first rule that describes how one needs to understand how personal hygiene impacts other gamers. The following rule is about Covid-19 and that if they are required to wear a mask to play with the other gamers at the table, then do it.

There I found a special on terrain features for table figure gaming. They had a rock for 1/2 off that would take me more time and money to make than the new $16 price. So I bought the rock outcropping for maybe the game Frostgave or other tabletop miniature games.

Evan and I then headed to see Susie. It is a bit of a drive from Portland to Forest Grove. On Evan’s suggestion, we took a backroad from 26 to get to Forest Grove. It was a pretty drive I have done a few times before. We found Susie at Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center, Room 44A, having lunch. She was surprised to see me as I had told her yesterday that I would not make it to Forest Grove. But without the infusion, I could manage a short visit and surprise her.

We stayed about 45 minutes as I found the fatigue growing. I got Air Volvo back home and then took a long three-hour nap. After that, nausea and exhaustion were back. I managed to get going about 6ish, and Evan left a bit after that.

I had a roast beef and cheddar cheese cold sandwich. I am reveling in my ability to eat cold things! I watched the BBC news on PBS to get updated on the war in Ukraine and then went back to bed; I still froze and read more Maisie Dobbs, book 17 in the series.

I was back up, ate some more food, took my 10PM pills, and tried to sleep after, including the other dose of chemotherapy for today. The chemo makes sleeping difficult, but I finally sleep at 2AM.


1 thought on “Story 31March2022: Skip Infusion”

  1. I have eaten at and enjoyed that Lebanese Restaurant – sorry to hear it had burned
    But glad you got to skip the infusion. and that Susie is enjoying the prayer shawl.


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