Story 11April2022: Late Night

Going backward, I got home after midnight from Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A, after the X-ray did not show a blockage for Susie. It had taken a few hours for the portable X-ray machine, run by a guy named Tim, to reach Forest Grove. His previous call was at the limit of his area in Washington State! He had rushed to Forest Grove, but it still was a long drive with snow here and there. It was tough to wait while Susie complained of the pain. After the results came in, we learned that Susie could be treated with regular medications and even fell asleep.

I should add that I had my first eight hours of sleep in a while and felt much better on Monday. I was ill all Sunday.

I had to wake Susie to tell her that she would be fine and that I needed to get home. I had even taken my chemotherapy pills at the facility. I was prepared for an extended stay, but once the issue was known and was not difficult to resolve and Susie fell asleep, I left for home after waking Susie and letting her know she was OK and I was leaving.

I was called at 9ish that Susie wanted me called and that she was in pain and that an X-ray was ordered. Susie asked for me to come. So I threw on my shoes and took Air Volvo to Forest Grove. I had dinner before of CHICAGO 7™ CALZONE from Old Chicago Pizza with a salad. It is not as good as I had hoped, and the Cesar salad was perfunctory. Before, they had a stromboli made a bit lighter and more baked, and the salad was excellent. I was disappointed with dinner.

But I did use up the last GrubHub Card. This card is from Jason and Natasha; thanks!

Before this, I did watch the tearful end of the film Avengers: End Game on Disney+. I did not like it that much, but it did get a tear for losing one of the heroes.

I think I will go see Batman for my birthday on 16April. I have put aside seeing the new Spiderman movie as I heard it was a sad ending and don’t need that kind of ending right now. I can now order it via my cable when I am ready for that.

I returned to Vietnamese SciFi, needing more brain cookies, and started book 2 of Aliette de Bodard’s Dominion of the Fallen Novel: The House of Binding Thorns. This is a very dark world of fallen Angels in a nearly destroyed Paris. But, I love how de Bodard writes and have some signed books by her. She writes in two of her worlds still, putting the excellent Aztec novels to bed after the third one, the Space Opera Vietnamese empire, and the setting for this book, fallen Paris. I always recommend Aliette de Bodard’s books.

The novel and the third in the series are added to my Kindle. Only history books get purchased as physical copies by me now, and not always. I am tired of the books being everywhere, and I read so many that it would flood the house for just one year. Since Susie’s stroke, I think I have read over thirty books!

I was late all day and reached Susie at the Forest Grove facility at about 2:30PM and only stayed a short time as I was tiring fast. I do not want to repeat yesterday’s illness, so I am careful to go slow for the next few days. I managed to reach Leta, Susie’s mother, and they had a friendly chat.

Susie complained to me, she never complains, that her chest hurts in the very center and that she is a bit worried. I think she is having a reflux or stomach issue. The pain is 2/10 on the pain scale, so just an annoyance. The nurse, Summer, retakes Susie’s vitals on my request, and they, on the second check, are a bit elevated but normal. Summer will check on Susie, and that evening, as previously covered, I get a call from the facility that Susie is ill; Susie asks me to come to her, and I do.

Before this, it snowed about 1/4 of an inch last night. Most schools are closed (as it snowed more in higher elevations) or starting late. Forest Grove got 3 inches, and everything is chaos there. I do not rush in the morning as I will need to let the snow melt and let the unsafe drivers settle down. Also, trees are down everywhere (heavy snow and wind are a terrible combination in the tree-filled Greater Portland Area), and the main artery to Portland, The Sunset Highway 26, is blocked by trees in one direction. It is a Snow-tastrify. Many friends are using chainsaws this Monday, a manic Mondy!

I was up late as I was tired and managed to get moving at 8:30ish. I managed to sleep eight hours, so I was no longer exhausted.


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