Story 8May2022: Sunday–Mother’s Day 2022

The morning started with me getting up an hour late. I was supposed to be at church at 7:45 and not 8:20, that I managed. I also had told Corwin the wrong time, so he was not ready, of course, when I left.

Zophia, my young helper, was also late, but we, the Methodist Men (including Zophia), managed to get it all together in time, cook pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs for Mother’s Day, serve by 9ish. We had fifteen or so customers, including us cooks.

I helped clean up after 9ish and was at church at 10:30. Today, the service had Howard, our organist, keyboard player, and solo running around a bit. Rev. Anne Weld-Martin gave a sermon including longish bible quotes on women you might have missed. Including Peter the Apostle’s mother-in-law, who, when healed of fever, then served what I assume was a nice dinner.

After church, I put the grills and various items in the Air Volvo and headed home. At the Volvo Cave, I switched from a tie and white shirt under a sweater to a tie-dyed t-shirt and had a ham and cheese for lunch. Once that was finished, I headed to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A, to see Susie.

I brought a dessert, but Susie had just finished her lunch, and the nursing aide brought over ice cream for Susie. So I helped her eat that. We also called Leta for a quick call as Leta, Susie’s mother, was out with Susie’s sister Barb’s family for Mother’s Day brunch.

Susie and I then watched shorts on YouTube, including Susie singing along to the movie Gigi and various old rock videos. Susie, me, and the nursing aide were doing the YMCA hand movements! We ended with”You can’t stop the beat” from Hair Spray, and some of the facility staff started to dance too!

I left after singing with Susie when she was getting tired and had enough ice cream. It was getting to 3PM, and I was fatigued from the morning pancake breakfast workout. So I drove back in the rain to the Volvo Cave.

I rested for an hour. I then got up and made dinner. Pasta with a bottle of sauce and some local sweet Italian sausage. I also made a salad. Corwin and I ate this watching El Cid episodes in Spanish with subtitles on Amazon. My Spanish is not that good, but I could catch some words, and the subtitles matched the swear words–somehow, I know how to swear in Spanish.

After watching the last season of El Cid, I never saw the other seasons, but I know the story, so it was fun to watch. I love a medieval siege. I was thrilled when I said to Corwin, “where is the boiling oil,” and the next scene was that. Excellent.

I rested a bit and then got up and finally started back on the balloon and basket model I was making. It uses Dungeon and Dragon physics and scale. Thus the balloon will be about 1/5 of the size that would be needed to lift the basket and folks but will fit on the gaming table. I started finishing the rigging of the balloon. I will work on the basket soon.

There is a magnet on the top of the balloon that I will use to make it hang from a framework I have yet to build.

I got my mother, Linda, and Leta a car starting battery for Mother’s Day. Flowers were not working this year, so I returned to unusual but valuable gifts (I sent excellent hammers one year). Barb, Susie’s sister, likely can use Leta’s, so I sent her a gift card.



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