Story 13May2022:Friday the 13th

Yes, it is that fateful day: Friday the 13th. But, it is also Summer Hours, so Nike closed at noon today, and we are not in the office on Mondays and Fridays. And, today fit the bill of a fateful day: dark and wet.

I started the day feeling fine at 6:15 and began some laundry for Susie. I wanted to wash stuff that had been hung up for months that she could wear at the new location. I liked the stuff to be clean. I will also wash some blankets and collect some of her fav stuff for her new room.

At Nike, the big project starts the journey of the final implementation this weekend. Thus, it is tranquil at work–quiet before the storm. I slipped out about 10ish to mail the books Glenda wanted to keep when she was here. I got them addressed and then off to the post office, media mail–cheap. I next slipped in a quick purchase of stuff for lunch, some cleaning supplies, and flowers for Susie at Safeway. I was back in time to drive Corwin to work at 11ish.

I made a chef’s salad and Pacific Clam Chowder (made with local pacific clams) that I picked up in Safeway. After that, I took Air Volvo through the rainy roads that reached the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway. Susie was not in room 44A but was just starting her lunch at 1ish near the Nurses’ station.

I stayed with Susie; I was now off for the afternoon, for her whole lunch. I also replaced her old fading flowers with new flowers. Next, I spoke to Social Services, but they have not done anything about discharging Susie; medical stuff always goes at its own speed.

Soon Susie was done, and I was ready to leave with a kiss. I headed home. I was a bit dizzy and tired. Soon I was facing long evacuations in the bathroom, ugh. I was repeating one of the side effects of colon cancer today. So I canceled any more plans and took a rest.

I finally got up and could stay out of the bathroom by 6ish. I ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken delivered and rented the movie via Amazon, Moonfall. I had read reviews that it was not that terrible. Soon KFC was here and I was watching the disaster-SciFi film and enjoying it. It was really fun and never blinked or made fun of itself. I liked it.

After that, with the bowel problems slowing, I rested some more and then wrote the blog.

I will try to get some rest tonight.

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