Story 25May2022: Wednesday

Today I had trouble walking all day. I was cautious and took the elevator a few times at work. I am also exhausted, and I think this is a combination of coming back to work and just recovering from the chemotherapy and surgery. My doctor was not surprised that I tired quickly when I spoke to him last week.

So the morning had me running slow, and I was late to work, 8:10ish. I awoke to my alarm, and somehow it was already 6:30 when I was moved out of bed. I did get some coffee and a banana for breakfast and read all the email, text, and Slack messages before showering and dressing.

Today I had a few meetings, but I had a presentation to write for a new project I wanted to start. So I spent most of the day writing, reading, and creating a PowerPoint.

I did slip out, as usual, to Tigard to see Susie (her address is Portland). Hummingbird house was quiet when I got there, no hummingbirds to see, and Susie had fallen asleep in her recliner. Jennifer had gotten Susan going about 8ish and told me that the hummingbirds come early in the morning.

I woke Susie and gave her the phone to chat with her mother, Leta, on the phone via FaceTime. While the traffic was light, I could only spend a short time there as I needed to return to work within an hour or so. It is only 15 minutes travel time giving me about 30 minutes to visit on workdays.

Leta was just getting in her car when I called so she could chat while sitting in the car in the parking lot. Leta is volunteering again in Lansing, Michigan, where she lives. This gives her more and a reason to leave the house.

Soon, my time is up. I did sit with Susie for a few minutes, and today it was not as hard to say goodbye as Tuesday. She was sleepy again.

I returned to the shoe company and worked on my new project, and helped with a few crises of the moment. Then, without too much issue,  I managed the carpet-covered stairs and got another coffee to finish the day. Lunch was a savory and spicy crepe, again free. Nike and the program are still buying us coffee and lunch to celebrate our return to the office.

I sat through a few more meetings and headed out a bit early at 4ish. I then logged back in once Air Volvo landed me here at the Volvo Cave. I followed along with work items for a few hours while resting and reading.

I made a chef’s salad with now defrosted ham I had in the frig and the new lettuce. I also used Glenda’s celery and some aging carrots, and I used some of the Blue Cheese that has been around for a while. It was an excellent salad for lunch.

Michelle Smith called, and she brought over some NYC bagels; she and David just returned on the late flight on Monday/Tuesday from NYC. These were poppy bagels, my fav!

I walked Michelle around the house, showing her all the roses, many blooming now and a few new ones that will bloom later or next year. We also toured the new shower. The last time I saw Michelle, I was in mid-chemo. So it is nice to be able to do things now–the side effects are fading. We both agree that Glenda was amazing; the house looks so much better!

Dear reader, I am tired again tonight and more unsteady than I care to admit. So I think I will stop there. Thank you for reading.

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