Story 27May2022: Quiet day

I slept into 7:20ish and could have stayed there all day. I took off the day from work. The weeks of starting back to working at the office, moving Susie, and just living a more normal life have been hard and stressful. I am exhausted every day. So today, I would take it slower and return to a more relaxed speed. I planned to reach Susie at Hummingbird House around 10ish, so I could start slow.

Aside: I also had paid $7,400 to Allegiance Senior Care for the next month. I plan to keep Susie there for the foreseeable future as she seems to like it. I have put aside enough money to cover at least the next six months.

I watched the markets this morning; I had moved some money to my investment account and bought back into the market near the bottom (I hope). For those interested, I split my investments into Ford and Tesla–the primary electric car producers and likely take-over targets, I think. I used to have Ford stock before, and I am buying back at almost the same price I bought last time. My investments are, in two days, up 5%, with Ford rising slower than Tesla (but it pays a dividend).

I packed up and managed to avoid any events on the trip to Tigard. No police tickets this time.

Susie was not ready when I got there. While Susie was showering and dressing, I took the time to order my next vaccine at RiteAid on Sunday. It is time to get the latest update. I am going with the cocktail by adding Pfizer to my existing Moderna. This is my boaster for being over 50.

Susie had breakfast next, and having no plans, I just read my email and watched some cooking show on TV while Susie ate what Jennifer made her for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with potatoes were welcome, even pureed, and Susie ate most of her breakfast and enjoyed her strawberry milk drink.

Susie spoke to her mother, Leta, using my iPhone and FaceTime. They enjoyed a twenty-minute conversation. Susie’s speech has not improved much, but her energy level has increased, which helps.

After the call, Susie had more breakfast and then headed with me to the activity room. I put on the first Harry Potter movie, which I discovered is dark for my screens. So, it was difficult to make out the action all the time. But the sound was good, and we knew the story. I forgot how different the first movie was from the rest and how small the child actors were. But, I liked it again, and the first film follows the book quite close, which I have read at least twice.

Jennifer, who works and lives at Hummingbird House, checked in with us often while also working with the other residents. There are five residents, including Susie. We watched the whole movie, and then Susie headed to lunch.

I left with a kiss. I stopped at the Cheese Cake Factory for my lunch at Washington Square Mall, just minutes from Susie’s digs. I had to wait ten minutes for a table for one.

I had an intelligent waiter, Ashely, and we agreed on her fav salad, the Sante Fee, and a box to take 1/2 home. I planned to have the rest of the salad for dinner tonight. I also had a gin and tonic, a double, which made the meal feel festive. Next, I went with the Mango Lime Cheesecake, despite Ashley recommending a lighter Raspberry cream version. I love the lime version, and I used to make it.

I had not been back to the Cheese Cake Factory except to pick up a cheesecake since the pandemic’s start. I forgot how good their food is and how pleasant a meal is. I will be back soon!

I headed directly home in Air Volvo without any more events or increasing the crime numbers in Beaverton.

I just rested and putted about the house. I did get some work done on the ballon model, and some new parts showed today I need to finish, so that is great.

I had a bagel from New York City supplied by the Smiths, plus Jason and the rest of my salad for dinner. I had turned down another dinner with Mariah as I wanted to just stay in today.

I did some reading and then decided to get the blog done.

Looking at my roses, Mister Lincoln has bloomed. It is a huge hybrid tea rose.

The pink moss rose, ending up as a movie, is lovely (it is once-blooming so enjoy it now):

The Herbalist is starting to get going. It will bloom all summer but looks like a one-time blooming Lancaster Rose:

The painted rose, a forgotten variety called Picasso from the previous owners of Heritage Roses in St. Paul, Oregon, shows the painted look–you can almost see the brush strokes on the petals. It, too, is a multiple blooming rose:

Lastly, the China Rose, also called Old Blush, is blooming full-out and grown five feet tall after being cut back. This is the best rose I have gotten from it in years–it must love the rain:

The other roses will bloom soon. The newly planted roses do not have buds yet, so we might have to wait until next year for them.

Well, that is all I have for today.

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