Story 17June2022: Friday

I was up early at 6:15 to write the blog. I had breakfast of coffee, yogurt, and a bagel for breakfast. I tripped over the wine rack, and my bagel flew. It slammed into the floor, with the cream cheese on the top, but the impact was like watching the animation of the Titanic front section crash into the bottom. Creme cheese and the currants exploded off the bagel and flew everywhere, just like the videos of the Titanic wreck. I cleaned up the mess and finished breakfast. My bagel, having landed cheese side up, was still editable. Unfortunately, the accident caused me to hurt my neck, and I have had a cramp in my neck. Pain killers were taken twice today for that.

Friday is a work-from-home-day and 1/2 day at the shoe company during summer hours. So I wrote the blog, published it, and attended my first status meetings. I had two hours of status meetings this morning. After the meetings, which were without incidents or crises, I took a shower and got dressed. I finished the morning reading emails and following along on my work laptop.

I made a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.

I collected my laptop and a Bluetooth speaker and headed off to see Susie. The trip to Hummingbird House included the sound of the polite crash alarm, a trolley bell sound, when the traffic stopped suddenly, in the rain, and the car started braking for me. The pick-up in front of me downshifted instead of braking.

I managed to avoid losing any paint on Air Volvo. The traffic was heavy, and the trip took ten extra minutes. I was relieved to arrive at Hummingbird House without any physical contact with other vehicles.

Susie was asleep in a recliner; she had finished breakfast and had been in the recliner for a short time. Jennifer let me know that Susie had just nodded off. I set up the screen, speakers, and laptop in the activity room and then woke Susie, who was surprised to see me already in the house. Jennifer moved Susie to her wheelchair and then moved her to a different recliner in the activity room. Susie was comfy.

We watched the 1999 Thomas Crown Affair. This is a fav for both of us. It even carries over Faye Donaway from the 1960s movie. It is a shorter movie than what they make now (1:45 including credits), and soon I was headed home. My neck was miserable.

Before I left, Susie asked to go home with me. That was heartbreaking. I explained that she would stay at Hummingbird House and I would be back on Saturday. She accepted that; I did have tears in my eyes when I got to Air Volvo.

On the way home, I stopped by Tammy’s Hobbies in Beaverton and picked up some grey paint; the paint I used on the HP Lovecraft figure had been contaminated by dry paint flakes and was not safe to keep using. I also got the newest Fine Scale Modeller magazine–they have how-to sections I find valuable. In the store, I saw the 1/200 scale IJN Yamato model for sale, nearly four feet long and a museum piece (assuming you ever finish it). I also looked at the USS Enterprise models, the WW2 carrier model 1/700 scale, and the spaceship (two different versions) but resisted buying yet another model. I have enough models waiting for me now to find time to work on them.

Reaching home without incident, I rested for a bit and called into the status meeting at 4:30 while making rice for dinner. I had reheated Chinese food from a few nights ago but was out of rice. I listened for about an hour as the meeting ran over an issue on some timing for data. Mushroom Chicken over rice and reheated hot and sour soup were delicious tonight.

After the call finally finished, I returned to painting H.P. Lovecraft. I used inks on the tentacles and on his skin. Before I did that, I did do some touch-ups that required me to touch up the touch-ups. Oops. But, the figures should be finished tonight. I plan to start on some more after that. I have a large backlog of 28mm 1920s figures and some Spacepunk 32mm to paint.

Thanks for reading.

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