Story 1July2022: Start of July

This will be a concise blog as I spent most of the day online working on issues.

I started at about 6:45ish and was online reading emails, work emails, Slack messages, and texts. The status meetings and updates had no tasks for me. But, I waited for the corrections to our part of the data conversions to run, and this did not happen until later in the afternoon. I had a banana with yogurt and liberal coffee for breakfast. I was going to have cereal for breakfast, but the tiny sugar ants had found them, ugh! The ants have ignored the ant baits. I will send a note to my pest service to come out and commit insecticide!

While waiting, I updated Quicken and now am in July with my books and enjoyed over $11,000 in expenses for medical in June. This includes some remaining charges from Forest Grove. July will have a few more lagging items, including an ambulance ride for Susie after insurance is over $300, but soon I should have a new baseline for expenses.

I also canceled the last of Susie’s credit cards to remove any more charges. All the donations should be running through the bank now. Anything else is things likely that need to be stopped. I need to conserve my resources.

Aside: I am now feeling well enough to start handling finances. Before, I would just get exhausted.

My sister’s case of chicken soup arrived in Michigan. Linda Wild is not feeling well, so I sent her chicken soup from Amazon. No shipping (but don’t be fooled; it is worked into the price) and arrived the next day. Linda was surprised and happy to receive a little long-distance TLC.

I finally decided to head to see Susie at Hummingbird House; there was no time for a movie today, and of course, things got going at work after I headed out. Just like the previous day! Air Volvo delivered me to Susie’s place without incident while I listened along on the phone. I left the call when I reached Susie.

It was approaching dinner time, but Susie was happy to finally see me. We called Susie’s mother, Leta, while Susie sat in her recliner chair. They chatted for a while. Vanessa, the nurse on Friday, then moved Susie to her wheelchair, and I rolled her out to the park–extending my visit as I felt terrible that the issues for the shoe company had shortened my stays. We enjoyed a warm and sunny day (not the forecast) and watched the yellow butterflies fluttering. Susie was OK with me leaving and enjoyed the extra time.

After a kiss, I got back into Air Volvo and headed to Forest Grove. Mariah had been ill, so it was our first chance to have dinner again. Back to the Black Dog for beers and food. Of course, I reconnected with the shoe company to hear what was happening. I connected to the call I was given (the wrong one) and did hear some of the work.

The fix was done about when I arrived in Forest Grove and met Mariah for dinner. I had a BLT forgoing the extra charge for avocado (making it a BLAT–who wants to eat a sandwich called “blat”). Mariah had some mystery take on a Cubano that I would not recommend. We also shared a deviled eggs appetizer with buffalo sauce (meaning hot sauce after something invented in Buffalo, New York, and has nothing to do with the furry animals in the western USA).

After we send our goodbyes after dinner, I retraced the well-known path of Forest Grove to Aloha (Reedville) and the Volvo Cave. There Corwin was completing his move out. He did leave a few items, including a suit of armor (Susie called it George), to get on Saturday or Sunday. Corwin went out with his friend Andrew with a few more items and no longer lives here; a nine-year adventure ends here, and a new adventure starts for Corwin in his apartment. We all wish him success!

I followed along at work, but nothing broke. I cleaned up a few places and then started building an insert for the game Root. The insert, made from foam board, helps to organize and possibly compress Root into fewer boxes; it takes three so far. I bought it just before I was down with chemotherapy, so it is something I want to get done and is on the backlog of little projects.

I went to bed at about 11ish and read. Finally, sleeping after midnight. I slept well.

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