Story 7July2022: Not a Stroke

Susie was feeling much better today, and the signs of a stroke were fading. It appears it was a TIA and not a stroke. We could not be happier that Susie was getting her control back to her right hand, and she was no longer leaning to the right.

I also received some travel advice when I mentioned running away in yesterday’s blog. Tiberias, Israel, is being recommended, a fav of mine too!

The day started at 6:15, with me waking ten minutes before my alarm, falling dead asleep, and then jumping when it went off. Ugly! I was rushing as this is an in-office day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). I showered and dressed first and then found breakfast and coffee, french pressed liberal Fair Trade coffee. I am using the french press to make coffee for one–I have made a whole pot of coffee every day for years, but it is a waste now.

I read my email, the Nike emails, and the shoe company’s Slack messages. There was a lot going on, and I rushed through a banana and a bagel for breakfast. I froze the Einstein Brothers bagels I had delivered. To defrost, I pop one in the microwave for 25 seconds, separate the two halves (they cut them for me), and toast them. The veggie spread with some capers from a jar (which covers the bread flavor), and I have a decent bagel. I eat that all fast, take my meds, and am off to Air Volvo.

Air Volvo delivered me 30 minutes early (7:30), and I was surprised to see my boss in the command center. He texted me; it was a hectic morning. I listened to the meeting, and there were some events and recovery steps. I am working on some of the crises of the moment in the morning. I am pretty busy all morning.

I finally step out after 11 to take Air Volvo to Humming Bird House to see how Susie is doing. The past few days, she had the hallmarks of a stroke and was a bit lost. Today, when I got there, having dodged some remarkable unnecessary and likely extra-legal lane changes from my fellow drivers in Beaverton, Susie was relieved to see me. I was late, and she was much better. It appears the stroke was a TIA, and Susie has fully recovered from what I can see. Jennifer, the nurse for today, told me that Susie was able to feed herself again and was more like Susie today. Michelle, the owner, was there today, and she talked to Susie, and Susie seemed to respond. Better!

I was happy to call Leta, Susie’s mother, and have them chat for a while. Susie’s speech is still troubled, but it was not worse than last week. Even better.

Susie asked me some questions; she was worried she would have to leave Hummingbird House. She is happy there and is pleased to stay. See, every time Susie has a stroke or stroke symptoms, we are in an ER, and she ends up for a month in a hospital–we are not going to do that this time and she is, I think, relieved.

I discuss with Susie my plan to bring over a movie on Friday afternoon, White Nights, one of Susie’s favs. Susie is excited to watch it on Friday. But soon, it is time for me to go, and with a kiss, I am back in Air Volvo and passing by the police that guards highway 26 against people using their phone and speeding. This time the police were just watching–everyone was going near the speed limits and using hands-free from what I could tell.

Back in the office, I was working on some more POC of Tensor-based AI stuff on my own servers. I want to know how this works in case we need it later. The crises of the moment continue too.

I head out at 4PM and reach the Volvo Cave without witnessing any more creative use of Oregon’s roads by my fellow drivers. Soon, I am back online and listening to the status meeting while I make dinner. I defrosted chicken thighs during the meeting by running water over them.

After the meeting, I cut up the skinless and boneless chicken and fried it in duck fat. I try to always have some in the frig after watching a John Wick film. I love the evil assassin hotel in the John Wick fantasy world: The Continental. So, yes, we cook at the Volvo Cave using duck fat.

Returning to the cooking and the narrative, I drain the mostly cooked chicken that generates a lot of fat and liquid and brown the chicken more. I then add in a jar of Tikka Masala Simmering Sauce from Safeway. I wash some rice and cook that to go with it.

The sauce was just OK. The rice was perfect. However, I did have a few bowls still. I will put the rest as leftovers for the weekend, suspecting the flavors will improve with reheating.

I took a nap; I could have slept the night but managed to start back up, find my shoes, and take Air Volvo to get a hot fudge Sunday for dessert at McDonald’s. It was wonderful.

I then finished this blog and plan to do some dishes and maybe do a few hobby things tonight, but I am fatigued and might just sleep early.

I forgot to get a picture of Susie today; I was so happy she was improving!

After I finished yesterday’s blog, I connected with David and Michelle Smith, and we used Disney+ to watch the last Obi-one Kenobi episode. It was superb, and I recommend the series; just ignore some illogical storylines at the beginning–it will get better.

Thank you again for reading, and maybe I will get to write this blog in Tiberias someday.



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