Story 15July2022: Friday

Going backward, I just finished watching the first episode of the second season of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and was shocked how terrible it was. I did like the books years ago, but the T.V. version is not working for me, but I will try a few more and see if it was just an unlucky choice. Before this, I drove to a few Tap Rooms in the area, but the bars had standing room only tonight, the unmasked crowd did not allow me to feel safe, and since I wanted to play a game of a solo boardgame, Nemo’s War, which needed a table for a few hours, that did not work out. So I went home and tried out an old T.V. show.

Before that, I listened to the 5:05PM status meeting and made dinner. I pay attention while I get dinner going. The meeting was a slow process of reviewing and getting action plans for every severe error in our software.

While the Zoom meeting went on, I chopped up some thin-cut ham, precooked Cajun style andouille sausage, and a bit of kielbasa. I cut the sausage length-wise to make cube-like cuts, not coins. I heat this in a large pan. Once browned a bit, I add a can of fire-roasted tomatoes and two cans of water. I get that to boil, add a box of Zatarain’s Jambalaya rice and seasoning from a box, and cook covered on low heat for 25 minutes. I had a few bowls, then let the Jambalaya cool and put it in bags to have as leftovers in the frig.

Previously, I continued to re-reading The Club Dumas on my Kindle. I read it a year ago and mentioned it in the blog then. This book was restructured into the movie The Ninth Gate, also a favorite. I forgot much of the book, and the reading still gets a laugh from me here and there. I like the ending better in the book than in the movie. Recommended.

I was at Hummingbird House with Susie this afternoon, and we watched a movie in the late afternoon. John Wick 3 continues directly from the previous movie, starting the story only minutes after the last film’s end. In this story, we expand the evil hotel now to the wicked High Table. Halle Berry and Angelica Houston join the cast. It keeps up with the shootouts with Halle Berry’s character, Sophia, showing the same skills and high body count as the anti-hero John Wick. Susan enjoyed it and stayed awake for all of it.

When I got to HummingBird House, I found Susie in her recliner watching a soap opera on T.V. She was ready to head out to the park. It was just getting hot, so I found a bench near the shade and let Susie enjoy the Sun. We managed to contact Susie’s mother, Leta, on the iPhone, and they chatted on FaceTime for a bit.

The park was filled with kids, dogs being walked, and picnics. There is no rain in the forecast for two weeks, so we are finally into our rain-free summer months. The temperatures will climb next week into the 90s. Because of the cold and damp spring and early summer, the fires are delayed. Let’s hope the forest and grass fires will remain small and contained this year!

Before taking Air Volvo, without issue, to Hummingbird House, I was working as usual for a Friday at home. I was attending Zoom meetings and reading lots of statuses. Zoom, email, and texts were flying fast. It was a busy morning.

I did the dishes and ran a load of laundry–all put away. All of this while following along and enjoying Zoom meetings.

I managed to start at 7ish, sleeping in just 30 minutes more. I managed to sleep well.


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