Story 15Aug2022: Monday PTO

Monday started with me sleeping to 7:30ish. My first appointment with Susie’s physical therapy was 1PM, so I was not in the least rushed. I had yogurt and banana with liberal coffee that I have been drinking since President Trump’s election. I tried to not be too depressed from the news, but I am reading about people wanting to kill people after the search of the former’s president home. That politicians are threatening revenge if their political party rules. It all sounds so 1930s to me. Ugly.

Putting aside the politics of frightening words, I continued with my leisurely morning by writing some more on my Dungeons and Dragons 5E adventure. I am over 6,000 words and have about six encounters done. I have started the second level.

The theme for this part of the adventure is Egyptian mummies–the 1920s movie version. I have remembered the KV5 tomb while building my imaginary complex found in real Egypt, and I recommend The Lost Tomb and various Internet sources on KV5 by Kent R. Weeks.

Time, on your day off, just flies by, and soon I was rushing. As I was leaving, I met one of the new neighbors next door, Lauren. They moved last week and told me they wanted a single-level house, I understand, and that her husband, Jason, will be home most days; he is a partially disabled veteran.

Of course, construction slows my travels to a forty-five-minute trip instead of my usual twenty to get to the hummingbird house. Susie is already with the new PT person, Tracy, and Tracy comments that Susie’s legs are strong and was surprised that she is not doing more standing. Tracy and Susie do six stands, and Susie can carry her weight on her legs. Susie is unstable standing, but she can do it. Tracy suggests a small standing frame (I have seen these at the gym for PT and OT) and a peddle for Susie to work her legs and also to better connect her brain to her movements. Tracy thinks Susie can get better with lots of work and time. All excellent news.

Jennifer, the nurse aide, also listened to some of the suggestions. We all agree to do what is best and safe for Susie. Tracy left, and Rick will be by this week to re-evaluate Susie after the Covid. I was unhappy with the non-visit with Rick as we have only so many visits as I would prefer them to focus on PT and not paperwork. Medical paperwork stuff is always frustrating.

Susie was ready to visit the park, Metzger Park, next door. The park was not that busy, with only one picnic on a Monday morning; back-to-school was getting going. The usual runners and dogs on leashes were out.

I believe the kids are out getting supplies and clothing for school. I hated it when I was a kid, except I would get a new notebook and often a new briefcase (I was never a backpack kid) with all sorts of pockets and interesting separators. Then, towards the end of my school years, I would start turning in my assignments printed off a dot matrix printer using a new thing called a Word Processor program. It had a spell checker, which was close to a miracle to me, but I soon learned (the hard way) that you really need to know that a word is correct before adding it to the dictionary!

Returning to my story, Susie and I enjoyed the park for nearly an hour. There, we called her mother, Leta, and chatted. We also connected with Zorida and talked to her for a short time. We will try to connect with Zorida, who is moving to Texas soon before she heads to the Lone Star state.

Evan, who left work early, showed up at the park and kept us company for the trip around the park.

Susie was tired after the PT and the trip to the park, and I said my goodbyes with a kiss. Then, Jennifer took Susie to her room to nap.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Evan found himself volunteering to help me return my grill to the house. It was still at First United Methodist Church in Beaverton, and we stopped there and loaded it up. Unfortunately, I got caught in a traffic jam, and a train blocked progress on my way back. Evan waited twenty minutes for me. We then managed to unload the grill and get it back on the deck without injury or scratching the paint on Air Volvo.

We headed to The 649 Taphouse in Aloha. We had not been back in months. It was unchanged. I had a BLT and shared some chips and guacamole dip with Evan. We had a few drinks as it was still early, and Evan did not want to face rush hour traffic on his return to Portland. Evan resides in Portland.

I needed to start back on my project for Natasha’s graduation present at the house, so we headed there. Evan watched NetFlix while I worked with decals; my new decal paper was delivered today, as expected. I failed on my first attempt as the design was too light against the wood background. I reprinted the map, and this time I was more successful. It looks nice.

Decal paper is a coated paper that an inkjet printer, like what I have, can print an image on it. You must then spray a sealer on the surface to lock in the color as the ink is water soluble. If you over-manipulate the decal or do not use enough sealer, the broken coating or decal material will let the water reach the ink. Your design will literally begin to float away. I had a bit of that, but it seemed to make the decal look older, which worked for me.

Also, there are two types of decal paper: clear and white. I use clear, but you must remember that my inkjet does not print white; that is the lack of ink. Thus, I paint a small dot of white on figures and other items and cover that with the decal–you don’t even know there is paint. White decal paper requires a white background, careful trimming to just show the design, or some paint to cover the unneeded white. As I am always doing tiny work, I generally use transparent.

Next, and I know I am going on and on, is the solvent. There is a decal setting fluid that you carefully apply according to instructions. This will cause the decal to resolve into the surface and follow contours; it looks like it is painted and not a film. Lastly, you need to coat the surface with a clear protective spray. When done well, it takes a look to a new level.

Besides all of this insanely detailed work, I was organizing my paper and questions for the CPA I am visiting on Tuesday. So a detailed evening for me. Evan headed out after it got later. I grabbed a chicken sandwich from Popeyes later in the evening as I had forgotten to eat, and my pills are not friendly on an empty stomach.

I got to bed about 11ish; where did the time go? I rolled over maybe once and was dead asleep. I dreamed a lot.

Thanks for reading.

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