Story 28Aug2022: Sunday

Sundays are not usually so crazy, but it was packed today. I was up at 6:30 to be ready for the tech coming at 8ish to fix the slow Internet. Ziply Fiber was running at best 180mbs with losses down to 45mbs at some points. Not good.

I did manage to start the laundry and do some dishes before Ajmal from Ziply texted me and appeared 30 minutes later. He went to work and worked closely with me as we defined the source of the issue. Ajmal verified that we had 1G coming to the house, so the cables on the pole appeared good. We were still slow, meaning that the issue was not intermittent, which was a relief.

My Mac is not the most convenient system as it does not have a direct connection to Ethernet. So I switched to my Dell Windows laptop computer I purchased to do robot work. It is a nice i5 with plenty of memory (16G) and speed. We were able to use it to test the speeds and talk to the router.

The conclusion is that the router was bad after less than twelve hours of use. Not something I have seen before. We replaced the router, and the speed is back to 800-900mbs again.

It was 10:30 when Ajmal left, and I had working fast Internet. I did manage to listen to 1/2 of the sermon at church today as it was transmitted on YouTube.

During the time I was working on the network or house items, Providence called. Rick was coming by on a Sunday, and we agreed to 2:30.

Breakfast was coffee and muffins. I had reheated pizza from BJ’s Brewhouse for lunch. Then, I swept the floors and started washing blankets and stuff from the spare bedroom. After that, I watched some videos on the battleship Bismarck and the RMS Olympic. I knew the story about RMS Olympic, but it was well done. The Bismarck information was covering the erroneous statements about the wreck on Wikipedia. It was all fascinating to me–I did not know there was a book on the wreck and that it was being misquoted. How strange!

While cleaning, I found the bag I used for chemo with some pills I don’t need anymore. I put the drugs in a cabinet and threw away the bag with glee. I don’t need that now!

I drove to Susie’s place, hummingbird house, after eating and doing a bit of housework. I reached the area without incident, but the police were out even on a Sunday. I brought the red transfer wheelchair with me. Susie ate lunch while we waited for Rick.

Susie finished, and we called her mother, Leta, and they spoke for a while using FaceTime.

We were on the porch when Rick got here. He decided to do some of the work on the patio. So I got the pedals and the transfer wheelchair on the porch. Susie underwent some stretching with Rick that was not without its discomfort–I am sorry to report. Rick transferred Susie to the other wheelchair. The pedals fit under it, unlike her usual wheelchair, and she could peddle a bit. Unfortunately, the pedals are too low still and will have to be raised up about an inch to make it more comfortable for her. Susie got some peddling done.

We moved inside and Susie, still in the transfer wheelchair, did standing practices. The transfer wheelchair is lower, so Susie had to work extra hard to get out of it and stand. That got a complaint from Susie. Susie got one excellent stand done. Rick left, and Vanessa, the nurse aide for today, got Susie back in her recliner, and I got a kiss and left. Susie was tired now.

I left and returned home. I updated my Dungeons and Dragons 5E character as we were playing tonight. I also rushed to make dinner. Chili from a can with broken taco shells and cheese. I heated the shells in the oven and the chili in the microwave. I ate it as I recreated the printer on the network. To stop connection issues, I hardcoded the printer’s address on the Comcast network. I deleted that printer and recreated it to print my character sheet. I may have to assign it an address on the new network.

I managed to get ready for the game, and the Internet speeds were still good. I took Air Volvo to Corry’s house, and we played our usual 5:30 to 9ish. I struggled with being tired, but I still had a good time. We did our usual crazy and took out a bad guy, and, not being a combat-centric bunch, we ran after finding the good stuff.

We got out the balloon model I made for this adventure. My character got to do a Mary Poppins, jump off a building with a magical parasol, and float down to the ground, taking minimal damage. Never done that before in D&D!

We are planning, so far, to play the adventure I am writing in late 2022 or early 2023.

I am tired while writing tonight. I hope it is not too rushed. Thank you for reading.

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