Story 30Aug2022

Going backward, I just arrived at the house tired and in some pain. I also noticed some unsteadiness that I sometimes get from the blood pressure meds. I overdid it a few times today. But, some water and sitting in my Ikea chair at my Ikea desk with Alexa playing music are making it easier now.

I have just left Swaggart Indian Cuisine for dinner with the Smiths and Mariah. Cat was still here with David and Michelle until this Saturday, when she will return to New York City, so this was a chance for us all to meet again. I had the Lamb Vindaloo that I shared with everyone. There were many other items at the table and plenty of bread. I managed to avoid rice which is just bad for me (type 2 diabetes controlled by, hmm, diet and exercise), and stick to naan and roti. We were all happy to meet again, eat, and we all got to look at Mariah’s growling Hemi-powered muscle car.

Cat trying out the muscle car and starting it.

Mariah and I waiting for the Smiths (only 15 minutes late). Mariah tried the whiskey, and I had the White Lotus (a chai version of a Spanish Coffee).

Before this, I was mopping the floor at the Volvo Cave. I have guests coming this weekend, and the blog will be limited to not include them at their request. I have to clean the shower tomorrow, dust, vacuum, and get organized over the next two days.

I also was resting a bit as I am still brittle from the chemotherapy, and I did something to my back and legs when helping Susie during physical therapy (PT). I left work early and took some Ibuprofen and Tylenol (the chemo painkiller combo) and laid flat and napped. It helped. I then made coffee! I could have slept all night without pain and nightmares. I was, oh joy, able to mop then.

Before this, I had lunch at Burger King as I was out of time, but as I said, I was unsteady, and my go-to for that is a burger or steak when feeling wrong. I picked this up in the drive-thru and ate it in the parking lot as the temperatures started to soar to over 95F (35C). It was 100F by 5PM, and Oregon in August is always hot.

Previously, I was at hummingbird house working with the PT person, Tracy, to help Susie use her new peddle device. It is just too large to fit even under the transfer wheelchair. I had to get out the stuff, and I think that lifting and helping Susie got me. I need to be more of an observer.

Susie was able to stand a few times with lots of help. It is hurting a bit for her as she is stretching out her legs for the first time in a long time. It seems to be easier for her each time Tracy or Rick comes for PT. I am moderately hopeful.

Tracy arrived while Susie and I were returning from Metzger Park. When I arrived there, leaving just before the planned Fire Alarm Drill at the Clubhouse office building, Susie was in her recliner but waiting to go out. She actually threw her blanket and pointed at the outside when I got there.

Moving to the morning, I managed to cover a few crises of the moment and provided some training. I attended various team and status meetings at Clubhouse–all Zoom or Zoom including meetings. Yes, I go to the office to sit in Zoom meetings.

I had to rush to work as it was an office day. I awoke before my alarm and ended a nightmare of returning to college and trying to find my way to my classes. Yes, I still get those nightmares. I went back to sleep and managed to continue the dream; ugh!

Thanks for reading again.

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