Story 1Sep2022

My guest’s plane is early (!?), so I will have to rush this entry, sorry. This is Thursday’s blog…oh, my.

So the highlights:

I started the day at 6:15, and it was a rushed morning as I had an 8:00 meeting I had waited more than a week for. I have a new task, and this is my first time meeting with the developers and security on this task. So I rushed and ate the end of the cereal for breakfast, but no fruit, and I never made any liberal coffee. I was in the office of the shoe company in the clubhouse building and had my meeting.

This was followed by many more meetings, but no crises surfaced today. I was able to slip out and see Susie at 10:30ish. The trip to hummingbird house was uneventful, but I have learned that the offramp from 217 to Hall Boulevard will be closing. Soon I will have to find another route.

Susie was in her recliner and was happy to see me. Jennifer, the nurse aide for today, was making breakfast for folks, soon had Susie in her wheelchair, and we headed out into the park. Metzger Park was its usual peaceful and friendly place with kids, dogs, and various adults chasing or watching the same.

I have observed that medium-sized dogs are not in much demand. It is either a small pug or another dinky dog type or a huge proud dog we see. Most dogs are well-behaved at the park, and you seldom hear a bark.

Susie and I sat in the park. I found a bench to sit on, placing the wheelchair next to me. We called Susie’s mom, Leta, and they and I chatted for a bit. I watched the butterflies–no swallowtails but small, fast-moving ones.

Soon Susie was back at hummingbird house, happy to have gotten outside, and with a kiss, was headed back to work.

Work was a lunch meeting and then a meeting in a new building. I decided to drive to the remodeled Victory building (formerly known as Edo), and there met some old friends I had not seen since the pandemic, except on Zoom calls. The meeting was technical and internal–no details will be provided here.

I returned home after the meeting and started to clean up some more. I vacuumed and put something in better places. Took out the trash and lawn debris for Friday pickup. I was not hungry, so I skipped dinner.

I found some items as I was putting away things from Michelle V to help with the chemo. I had forgotten them, and so I again want to thank Michelle V and Nike for all the help and kindness they gave me during my illness (Auto-correction made that silliness–and that got a smile. Apple does not usually make jokes).

I headed in Air Volvo and went to Central Taps and had a few beers while playing the single-person (solo) board game Nemo’s War. You play Captain Nemo of movie and book fame and try to survive and complete follow your goals. I was exploring. The board game relies heavily on devices you see in cooperative games that create more and more pressure and simulates an escalating collapse. It uses a card system you see in the popular Pandemic series of board games (which, oddly, have become more popular in the last years).

Playing solo can be lonely, so I play these types of games in public spaces. I got to explain the game quite a few times. Folks watched me play a turn, me explaining the whole time. I did forget my phone, so there are no pictures.

I survived, barely, and scored well, my best so far. I received “Notable.” There is a text that describes what happens after, and I, being Nemo, did fine and lived to tell my story.

Sorry that is all, and I don’t have time to re-read–please forgive the typos. According to Grammarly, there are ten remaining errors/improvements.

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