Story 12Sept2022: Monday

The morning started with me not having to rush as Monday is a work-from-home day for the shoe company. I was reading emails, texts, and Slack messages before the morning had even gotten going. I had a bagel with cream cheese, picking the jalapeno bagel, which was a strange cultural mix. I don’t usually have hot peppers before I have had coffee!

The coffee was Equal Exchange, and I had only one extra bag, so I ordered more, finding I even had a code to reduce the price in my email. Perfect. So another case of liberal coffee is on its way.

Work was an hour of meetings and then mostly following along and reading days of emails from the weekend. I received a text from Tracy from Physical Therapy (PT) that she planned to see Susie in the afternoon. This surprised me as the last appointment was Friday.

I got ready to head out and then got another text from Tracy that she was delayed. So I leave and stop by Popeye’s and order a chicken sandwich. I eat that in the car. I then return to taking Air Volvo to hummingbird house.

The weather has changed to our October weather. It is cold, 68F (20C), and it rained last night. It will be raining off and off for the day. The smoke is still visible as a gray haze, but it is not as bad as yesterday. The rain and wind will likely get us back to normal. We can use some early rain this year!

Susie is in her recliner in the living room watching TV. She is delighted to see me. The puffy eyes and exhaustion is gone–she was waiting for me and PT. While waiting for Tracy, we called Susie’s mother, Leta, on my iPhone so they could see each other on FaceTime. They chat for a while, and I join in here and there. We ring off.

Tracy arrives as Susie is getting a snack, now in a wheelchair, at the dinner table. We wait for Susie to be ready and then head to Susie’s room. Susie uses her peddle device and manages to do 20+ cycles–good for her as she could only do a few last time. We also play with a ballon with Susie hitting it. She needs to use her right arm, which is clearly weaker than her left side. Susie is a bit upset. Today standing is difficult–I think the peddling wore her out–but she finally manages a stand. She is tipping to one side–again, the left side. It was quite a workout for Susie.

Tracy and I leave Susie in Jennifer’s good hands. I head back and reach the Volvo Cave without incident. There is less traffic on Monday than Sunday(!?). I am back to work and following along.

I get an email from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival about the deadline for the 500-word story. It is today! I write two short stories and submit them. They were not as good as my story last year, but I wanted to get something in.

Dinner from the freezer is a Chicken Cordon Blue with garlic toast and green beans. I wilt the microwaved beans in a hot pan with butter and almond slices with a hint of garlic. Dinner was consumed while enjoying the next episode of the House of Dragons. I was happy to see Matt Smith back being bad. I think he should return to Doctor Who as the Master or the Dark Doctor.

The blog is my evening. I have the window open in the office and let the fresh-smelling air roll over me while I write. I have to edit the Naval Institute fiction yet tonight. Writing all day and night.

Thanks for reading!

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